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 Head Canons

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PostSubject: Re: Head Canons   Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:26 pm

Those screenshots remind me that the one thing I hate about JW is that it became too much of an action movie with dinosaurs, that's not what Jurassic Park is. The previous films handled it well but here it tried to mimic too much a superhero movie. Sorry, I hope I don't end up derailing the thread.

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PostSubject: Re: Head Canons   Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:52 pm

Okay, here are my headcanons by individual film:

Jurassic Park:

* The Velociraptors in the film series are a fictional North American subspecies of Velociraptor.

* The venom and frill of the Dilophosaurus are a natural part of the its physiology.

* Rexy was not in hunting mode (save for its attack on the Gallimimus, Triceratops, and Parasaurolophus), for most of its appearance. The other attacks it made were out of curiosity and territoriality.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park:

* A lot of the InGen hunters were contracted from Hammond's wildlife park in Kenya. The mercenaries, meanwhile were guns-for-hire hired for security and assistance in dinosaur capturing.

* Jurassic Park: San Diego was eventually demolished after the San Diego Incident.

* The Tyrannosaurus rex attacked the SS Venture's cabin from the viewpoint the "camera" is at.

* In 1999, a woman was stranded on Sorna and after a few days, was rescued after sending a distress signal. (This headcanon is based on a classified incident that happened according to the Masrani Backdoor, and is inspired by Trespasser.) This caused the United Nations to put more safety measures into making sure no unauthorized personnel come to the island.

* Nick van Owen did face jailtime, but John Hammond used his wealth to pay his bail.

Jurassic Park ///:

* The skull in the aviary belongs to an InGen employee who died during the 1993 evacuation.

* The Spinosaurus was originally mistook for a Baryonyx and was pumped full of steroids to ensure it survived infancy. Once InGen realized they had actually created a Spinosaurus, it was kept in a quarantine pen for study.

* The Spinosaurus was aggressive due to it being injured by the plane (There is precedent for similar situations regarding present-day carnivores).

* The Pteranodons from JP: The Game made their way to Isla Sorna where they were recaptured and placed into the aviary. (During the gap between the Isla Nublar incident and the Isla Sorna Evacuation).

* Owen was on board one of the US Navy Destroyers when Grant and the Kirbys were rescued. Owen (a young navy man at this point), spoke with Grant about his experiences and the Velociraptors. He then was transferred to the Marine Mammal Program. He quickly became an expert in his training, and Masrani hired him out of the Navy to head a research group at Jurassic World with Velociraptors.

* Mark Degler paid Grant the money the Kirbys owed him. He also used his influence to convince the Costa Rican government to pardon Paul and Amanda.

Jurassic Park: The Game:

* Gerry, Jess, and Nima's involvement in the Isla Nublar incident was quietly covered up by InGen who never discover Nedry's espionage.

* The Pteranodons in Jurassic Park: The Game are the same ones encountered by Grant, Billy, and the Kirbys in Jurassic Park ///.

Jurassic World:

* T. Rex Kingdom was the first attraction built for Jurassic World.

* Simon Masrani briefly considered using the original park, but changed his mind out of respect for Hammond.

* Simon Masrani tried to buy out Isla Sorna and get the U.N.'s permission to use it but was denied. They made an agreement to allow ACU to patrol the surrounding area to curb poaching.

* Owen Grady's Velociraptor training served two purposes: To prepare them for an upcoming attraction, and to study their intelligence to confirm they were viable as an attraction. (It wasn't until Hoskins saw Owen save Leon that he saw a opportunity to use them for military purposes.)

* Sarah Harding and Eric Kirby were the only original survivors to have visited Jurassic World for leisure. Alan Grant came for a one-time special appearance to do a presentation at the Petting Zoo.

* There are two restricted areas. The larger housed the temporary I. rex paddock and Owen's raptor pen. The smaller one (Sector 5) is home to the Dilophosaurus, Compsognathus, and Troodon.

* Hoskins abused his wife. Which explains why his wife tried to grab a knife, and the wolf attacked her.

* During Jurassic World's original ten year run, tourism in Costa Rica exploded, resulting in an economical boom which in turn allowed Costa Rica to have a developed economy, and by 2010, Costa Rica became a developed country.

* Brachiosaurus still reside in Isla Nublar and are a part of the Gyrosphere Valley attraction

* Lowery is one of Ian Malcolm's kids from a previous marriage.

* Masrani had the old Visitor's Center partially repaired, but abandoned it in favor of starting from scratch.
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Head Canons
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