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 What makes something 'Jurassic Park' to you?

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PostSubject: What makes something 'Jurassic Park' to you?   Tue Jun 07, 2016 7:38 pm

Something that always comes to my mind when I think of JP is a vast coniferous jungle, with ferns littering the forest floor. The ground is soggy, but not swampy and the forest is intercut with long, dusty plains and fern-covered rocks/canyons dripping with water. I also thing of ruined buildings and dinosaurs that have the right look to them i.e: a molted dark green T. rex with a large nasal and eye ridge, or an orange-brown raptor that has a rectangular-shaped head. Also, the images of rusty old equipment/structures, like a bridge, or a vine covered concrete structure always come to mind. Finally, I think of on-location jungle coupled with the most brilliant animatronic work and amazingly realistic sets all on top of a "life finds a way" theme. Oh and don't forget John Williams, his music is as recognizable as any theme out there.
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What makes something 'Jurassic Park' to you?
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