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 Giant Dinosaurs on the Mainland

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PostSubject: Giant Dinosaurs on the Mainland   Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:32 pm

I was wondering if this has ever been discussed before but I wanted people's opinions on it anyway; how exactly would the filmmakers implement large dinosaurs (meaning Hadrosaurs, Stegosaurs, Ceratopsians, Sauropods and giant Theropods) into a mainland plot?

The thing about having it set in either Costa Rica or the United States is that it is not inconceivable that a smaller dinosaur like a Compy, Raptor, Dilophosaur or Troodon could have stowed away and have been causing havoc in the villages and hiding in the jungle, which was a subplot in the original Crichton novel. That subplot lends itself well to a kind of mystery horror kind of story, and would be awesome in of itself, but it would exclude the large dinosaurs from the plot.

But since this franchise does depend on the large dinos as much as it relishes in the smaller ones (by small I mean man sized and below), does anyone have any idea as to how large dinosaurs roaming on the mainland would work? Would they hide in the jungles and forests or live out on the plains? What comes to mind when you think of giant Sauropods roaming free off the islands?

I know we've brought this up from time to time when it came to the idea of dinosaurs roaming around Africa, but it seems like a topic that could use a lot more in put in order to fully work, and let us hope the filmmakers manage to pull that off if that's another thing they implement moving forward.

For me personally, the two images below really fire the imagination with what kind of visuals, and story possibilities, could be generated by bringing Sauropods and T. rexes to the mainland if such a thing could be worked in believably.

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PostSubject: Re: Giant Dinosaurs on the Mainland   Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:09 am

Well, all I can say is that if those two pics were concept arts for JW2, I'd be pretty happy.
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Giant Dinosaurs on the Mainland
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