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Our New Jurassic Mainframe News Team Members!

Pokesaurus | Published on the fri Dec 15, 2017 9:44 pm | 3415 Views

Following the applications and such I had going for the past week, I can now announce the two members of our Jurassic Mainframe News Team! In the future there will likely be more, but for the time being our two members are CT-1138 and Saurillian! These two will be people who write for our Jurassic Mainframe News section. 

CT-1138 has a history writing for the site, as he is responsible for writing the now defunct Dinosaur Fact Files, which can be found under the Off-Topic Discussion area of the forum. As he has already proven himself to be quite capable, there is no doubt he'll do a fine job.

Saurillian is a pretty new member to the site, but in his application he proved he could be a valuable member to the team, so I have high hopes for him!

We look forward to seeing the articles they'll write!

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