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 Carnivores fighting to death?

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Carnivores fighting to death? Empty
PostSubject: Carnivores fighting to death?   Carnivores fighting to death? Icon_minitimeWed Aug 04, 2021 5:24 pm

I have edited the nwt of the Acro and Carcha to make them more agressive. I just paste the same lines of the Spino nwt.

Also changed these lines from the ini files:

And I put 0.5 for both the Spino/Rex and 0.4 for Acro/Carcha.

And this line too:

Now is 1.0 for all of them.

Instead of flee they now engage into fights with the Spino and Rex. But the fights are short.

They bite each other, then one will roar and the other just runs away ending the fight.

I want them to bite each other until one drop dead.
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Carnivores fighting to death?
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