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Topics tagged under 37 on Jurassic Mainframe Forum_10Topic: Unit ID's list and "new" Species

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Search in: JP: Operation Genesis   Topics tagged under 37 on Jurassic Mainframe EmptySubject: Unit ID's list and "new" Species    Topics tagged under 37 on Jurassic Mainframe Icon_minitimeSat Aug 19, 2017 2:20 pm
Curiously, I haven't seen any talk about this anywhere and I feel that it's something that's been overlooked.

I don't know if this falls under useless, or potentially helpful. I typed this up a while back, because some mods include, or will include, "additional species" such as: Compies, Apato's, Mamenchi's, and so on. With equinox- tool making some things possible for JPOG's future, it appears that more species will be incoming down the road. It was done to make an attempt to at least give some individuality to those "new" species, and to provide a general Unit ID guide. Many numbers seemed to have gone unused, so someone could assign those numbers to a "new" species, so that they don't *flock with the default JPOG animals, or another new species.

*showing crown and flocking with another species

Some JPOG dinos, however, seem to have compatible Unit ID's with eachother for whatever reason, so they will flock even though they are not the same species and have different ID numbers.

Here's a list of combinations that I've found so far - Unit ID in ( ):

- Camara (37) and Brach (19)
- Para (17) and Cory (25)
- Stego (15) and Kentro (30)
- Tricera (18) and Styrac (27)
- Toro (28) and Styrac (27)
- Pachy (26) and Homalo (22)

And no, Tricera and Toro don't mix.

In other words, if your Apato (new species) is using ID #37 (Camara), they will flock with Brach or anything sharing those ID's. If you're like me (picky Razz), then you would prefer to have your Apato's and Mamenchi's flock with their own. If your animals are isolated within their enclosures in Park mode, then these obviously don't matter - but a mixed sauropod safari tour is too good to pass up!

Also, you probably don't want your Compies flocking with Dilo's and Raptor's.

So, here's what I've gathered so that others have some reference (**scrapped dino/available,* indicates not used/found ):  

JPOG Unit ID's

If there are mistakes, feel free to make any corrections. Smile

Edit: Well, after checking some things, it looks like any new species can only be assigned the unused ID's from 7-35. Makes sense. It's better than nothing, I guess.

Edit #2: EchoGreen's comment reflected in ID list.
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