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 Need help with FSM Variables and Nwt

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Need help with FSM Variables and Nwt Empty
PostSubject: Need help with FSM Variables and Nwt   Need help with FSM Variables and Nwt Icon_minitimeFri Jan 25, 2019 12:40 pm

i currently have alot of fsms written down and already coded, but some variables im using dont seem to work, you see theres the
action SwallowScaleTarget(1.9, 0.9) variable that changes the dinosaurs targets size but
action SwallowScale(1.9, 0.9) should change the dinosaurs own size???

also i remember there was a mod or something that allowed brachiosaurus to tail whip opponents or something?
And another thing is ever since well... modding genesis and jplegacy have been taken down its been hard for me to find variables in the fsms, i've tried to find variables in the strpool and main.gui (yes i spent five hours reading the whole thing) but i still cant find variables for age, or specific things either.

If anyones knows any variables for fsm modding please tell me and maybe i can make a list of what variables do?

CurrentNwt file Variables i can confirm

W133= flocking/ attacking behaviours, below -3, and the dinosaur will only attack livestock and humans but not other dinosaurs
W152= territorial behavior for large carnivore Spinosaurus, below the value of 3, and the dino will not engage in territorial disputes, the higher the value is the more territorial the carnivore is
W167= the Rexes territoral behaviour
W15-39= i edited all the values between these and cant confirm which one did it but one of these values when increased allows the dinosaur to grab humans through gates and viewing vents
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Need help with FSM Variables and Nwt
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