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 Jurassic World Racing (game concept)

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PostSubject: Jurassic World Racing (game concept)   Jurassic World Racing (game concept) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 23, 2017 3:35 pm

I seriously dont know why a racing game based on the Jurassic franchise hasnt been made yet. We could easily have characters from all 4 movies implemented like Owen, Claire, Alan, Ellie, so on and so on. Plus we could have tracks from the islands such as a track thats inside and outside of the T-Rex enclosure from the first film and have the Rex at certain spots pop its head out at you like an obstacle to slow you down. There could be layouts inside a bird cage or on the water as the Mosasaurus swims past your jetski. There could even be a track based on the game trail from The Lost World where you have to maneuver around all the herbivores in your path. Thoughts?

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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic World Racing (game concept)   Jurassic World Racing (game concept) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 26, 2017 10:25 pm

This seemed like such a stupid idea when I read the title but as I read the post it clicked and seems like something that would've come out in the PS1 era and now would be thought of as a hidden classic. Sadly I don't see this idea ever happening in today's current atmosphere. Man, this would've been a cool game to have.

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Jurassic World Racing (game concept)
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