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 LEAKS/SPOILER rules in regards to Fallen Kingdom.

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LEAKS/SPOILER rules in regards to Fallen Kingdom.  Empty
PostSubject: LEAKS/SPOILER rules in regards to Fallen Kingdom.    LEAKS/SPOILER rules in regards to Fallen Kingdom.  Icon_minitimeMon May 21, 2018 5:20 pm

As we approach the release of Fallen Kingdom, we want our members new and old to have a good experience. As most of you know, the release dates vary pretty greatly between countries, with the US release coming a full two weeks after the UK and a few others. So we have created a thread here specifically for spoiler discussion: Jurassic World Spoiler Discussion

We know we've had leaks and spoilery speculation in the past, but not everyone wants to know the full film, so keep spoilers in here please. We'll open discussion to the fullest roughly a week after the US premiere, but until the majority of our members get a chance to see the film, we want to keep everyone happy.

Another thing to bring up is leaks. Unlike leaked plot details we've received in the past, please do not spread bootlegged materials. We'd like to stay in Universal's good graces, so even if it's something uploaded briefly to YouTube, do not post it here. If it is out there, we'd prefer you not even discuss if you've seen it through pirated means. No asking links to torrents or downloads, or discussing where to find them or providing the full film should it become available in the weeks between releases. This is your warning, and for the sake of the site, we will not hesitate to issue temporary or permanent bans for breaking this rule.

Thanks everyone, we know our community is still small but we hope it grows in the coming weeks as the film gets closer. We're all excited and hopeful for a great new addition to the Jurassic Franchise.


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LEAKS/SPOILER rules in regards to Fallen Kingdom.
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