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 My Random Public Domain Skins

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Tamara Henson

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My Random Public Domain Skins Empty
PostSubject: My Random Public Domain Skins   My Random Public Domain Skins Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2018 8:40 pm

I am going to make this topic to house some recent skins I made that have yet to be made into tmls.

I recently re-read the Jim Butcher novel 'Dead Beat' one of the books in the Dresden Files series. In it a bunch of necromancers are trying to take over Chicago with a ghost and zombie army and Harry needs help. So he goes to the Field Museum and uses magic to bring Sue the T. rex to life.

There are many illustrations on the net showing Harry riding sue to the rescue but none follow the description in the book. According to the novel Sue resembled a black jaguar in color but every picture I've shown shows her in standard JPOG green. So I decided to make the JPOG Tyrannosaur the color of Sue from the book.

Unfortunately my computer is a Windows 8.1 and TML tools does not work on it. So I am just going to share the dds files so others can use them. Like all my mods these skins are Public Domain so use them as you wish but please give me credit. Here is Sue and a couple more skins you can put with her.

Sue from the Dresden Files in Nifscope

My Random Public Domain Skins F9yAZyw

Other skins in pack

My Random Public Domain Skins LTg2rGR

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cdjrg16k3sdsppf/Dresden_Files_Skin.zip/file

If anyone puts these in a tml please send me a link to the mod, I would love to have Sue in my game. Thank You.

And Remember Polka will never die! lol!
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My Random Public Domain Skins
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