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 Palaeowins Mk. II

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PostSubject: Re: Palaeowins Mk. II   Palaeowins Mk. II - Page 2 Icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2020 1:41 am

@JD-man wrote:
The positive reviews in "JD-man's Serious Dino Books/Dino-Related Reviews!" ( https://www.jurassicmainframe.com/t479-jd-man-s-serious-dino-books-dino-related-reviews ) are for paleowins. As of this post, there's Gardom/Milner's The Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs, Norell et al.'s Discovering Dinosaurs: Evolution, Extinction, and the Lessons of Prehistory, Expanded and Updated, Lessem's Dinosaur Worlds, Wild Kratts, Bakker's Prehistoric Monsters, Sloan's Feathered Dinosaurs, Martill/Naish's Walking with Dinosaurs: The Evidence - How Did They Know That?, Bakker's Maximum Triceratops, Bakker's Dino Babies!, Sattler's Tyrannosaurus Rex and Its Kin: The Mesozoic Monsters, Zoehfeld's Dinosaur Parents, Dinosaur Young: Uncovering the Mystery of Dinosaur Families, & Schlein's The Puzzle of the Dinosaur-bird: The Story of Archaeopteryx (which is where the Jurassic Park Legacy thread left off). I'll add to "Palaeowins Mk. II" as I add to "JD-man's Serious Dino Books/Dino-Related Reviews!".

I've since added Rey's Extreme Dinosaurs! Part 2: The Projects (page 2).

Palaeowins Mk. II - Page 2 51xifaE5Q1L
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Palaeowins Mk. II
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