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 Remote Hatchery Plugin from SP to Sandbox

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PostSubject: Remote Hatchery Plugin from SP to Sandbox   Remote Hatchery Plugin from SP to Sandbox Icon_minitimeThu May 06, 2021 7:40 pm

Look, I'm gonna be honest here about this but why the heck isn't this in Sandbox because it would come in so much handy? I know it is exclusive to the RTJP single-player campaign and the addition of it for Sandbox would make the most sense given space restraints for buildings and paddocks. Basically, I can use some guidance/how-to help on how to bring this over, or if someone feels brave enough to do it themselves that'd be awesome too. I think the remote hatchery thing would also make a great quality of life improvement for the game as well too. So is there anybody out there willing to help with this? I'd love to find out as well if it can even be done.

Remote Hatchery Plugin from SP to Sandbox Tytj10
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Remote Hatchery Plugin from SP to Sandbox
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