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 Nerfed creatures Rexy,Panther

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Nerfed creatures Rexy,Panther Empty
PostSubject: Nerfed creatures Rexy,Panther   Nerfed creatures Rexy,Panther Icon_minitimeSun Feb 25, 2024 9:22 am

Hello everyone, 6 year vet of playing this game here. May I ask......What is the purpose of these nerfed creatures (Rexy,Panther etc.) that maybe 1% of other creatures can take down? Is it to make new players feel good about themselfs that they won a battle and will want to play the game more? You are not doing the game any good by doing this. Please give players a forfeit button so when we face these creatures we can just leave the battle so we do not have to WASTE OUR TIME in a match you can not win.  I know your goal it to make LOTS of money this is not how you do it. How about just letting us buy the DNA we want insted of always getting a mistery bag of things we do not need. Click on dino, click purchase this DNA done!!! YOU WILL MAKE MORE MONEY.   Thank you....Your welcome. Love the game make it right.  

A concerned player.
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Nerfed creatures Rexy,Panther
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