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 A Little More Info on cancelled JP cartoon.

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A Little More Info on cancelled JP cartoon. Empty
PostSubject: A Little More Info on cancelled JP cartoon.   A Little More Info on cancelled JP cartoon. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 07, 2016 3:01 pm


Not much new but still an interesting read.

Make the Sayles JP IV script into an animated series! Admit it, you'd watch it.
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A Little More Info on cancelled JP cartoon. Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Little More Info on cancelled JP cartoon.   A Little More Info on cancelled JP cartoon. Icon_minitimeWed Dec 07, 2016 7:46 pm

I've been reading the show bible for the cancelled Jurassic Park animated series over on Jurassic Outpost, and I have to say it was like a dream come true. While it would not have jived with the canon of The Lost World, it would have been very satisfying to see the characters of Jurassic Park spearhead the operation to turn the original theme park into a research facility, like what the Isla Sorna expedition could have been if they were successful in their mission and if not for Peter Ludlow and his cronies.

While this cartoon in it's current iteration will never be seen, I think the basic premise of reclaiming Isla Nublar still has a valid place in the newly expanded JP canon. We still don't really know just how Masrani Global and InGen. Replace Hammond with Simon Masrani, put Hoskins in with the "dino-wranglers" who round up the dinosaurs, throw in a couple of old character cameos, and maybe invent a couple of new main characters in the place of Owen and Claire and you might have the beginnings of a promising prequel series that covers the genesis of the new park and how it evolved into what we saw in the final film.

The first season could pick off where JPIII left off, with Hoskins taking down the rogue Pteranodons and sealing his place of influence. There is a lot of material from the original show treatment that could be refitted to work for a new series. The first few episodes could show the dino-wranglers capture Rexy and put her in a holding pen that becomes the T. Rex Kingdom. There could also be early incursions with Biosyn hirelings, with Dodgson and his friends stealing live dinosaurs for their own use, only to be stopped before they can do any more damage. One could imagine that it could have been true to Hammond's vision of a down-to-earth wildlife reserve more like the nature preserves in Africa and India, but it increasingly becomes corporate driven and backed by sponsors, and with them come the crowds and the changing shape of the island.

The concept of Biosyn trying to start their own dinosaur theme park, at great expense to the natural rainforests of Brazil, could also make for a great season long arc, or form the basis of JW2 or JW3 if all the hints Trevorrow and Bayona have been dropping are any indication. The vast amount of ethical differences between the design and execution of the Biosyn park would make for a great contrast between the two InGen parks.

In all seriousness, this is just scratching the surface, feel free to read it at your own leisure:

Jurassic Park Animated Series show bible

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A Little More Info on cancelled JP cartoon. Dinosa12
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A Little More Info on cancelled JP cartoon.
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