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 not Nanonsaur, but Jurassic Park

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not Nanonsaur, but Jurassic Park Empty
PostSubject: not Nanonsaur, but Jurassic Park   not Nanonsaur, but Jurassic Park Icon_minitimeSun Aug 27, 2017 2:51 am

Okay Nanosaur is rad, but check it;

they're gunna carpet bomb, light up, one of the dinosaur islands, and you're like, no freakin' way, nanosaur mission,,
you're a japanese native american skinwalker, but you don't know how to change into different dinosaurs fast enough, right away,
so you have to find tree frog ponds, to get high off the mixes in their skin they use, complete the genome with frogs, right?
so you can turn into different dinosaurs, and collect the dinosaur eggs you need, all across the island, to save the races, before the bombers come to annihilate this part of jurassic park...


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not Nanonsaur, but Jurassic Park
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