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 Patrick's Model Building Blog And Other Musings

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PostPatrick's Model Building Blog And Other Musings

This is going to be a place where I post photographs, ideas, updates on projects, plans, blueprints, and just random things. Warning, I am a train enthusiast and history buff.
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Patrick's Model Building Blog And Other Musings :: Comments

Re: Patrick's Model Building Blog And Other Musings
Post Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:16 pm by Gwr
Today, I started work on my christmas train layout for 2017. I keep running into small problems with getting the correct scale for everything. This is the plan so far:

Multiple level, multiple running loops, likely one high and one low
Tall buildings, at minimum three stories but can go higher
Art Deco cars, eight are owned currently
A tunnel, on the lower loop
A bridge on the upper level and a trench in between two buildings
Multiple stations, at least two
Realistic vignettes, such as a robbery in progress, train arriving at station, people leaving a theatre
An industrial area, such as a harbor or factory district

What do you think Jp Mainframe?
Skyscrapers, large moderately tall ones, likely made out of paper
Buying lead toy figures to give it a 1930/1940s aesthetic
A Metropolis inspired shift change
Art Deco influence, this would be mainly present in the skyscrapers but also in the vehicles present, and the liveries
Central station, this would be a large building, likely a stretched version of the standard papercraft one with some additions such as lighting and skylights
Set a dark color palate for the city, based on the dark deco tone set by the Batman the Animated Series’ Gotham
Custom Logos on all service vehicles, city buildings and uniforms
Custom paint job on the bus and police cars
A police station with the Bat signal on the roof
Redo the train cars with custom lettering for a fictional Gotham railway company, this needs to be removable, so it will likely be done by overlaying sheets of paper on the carriages. The Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer Tender will likely have the entire sides redone with an art deco speed stripe motif, the locomotives will remain unchanged apart from possibly redoing a lionel 44 tonner in a darker color

Patrick's Model Building Blog And Other Musings

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