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 Cha0tic C0de

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My staff related involvement with this wonderful community began on the Live The Legend Wiki. I had a goal to structure the Wiki in a concise format. That led to my involvement working alongside Ty and web development throughout the JPL network.

I wanted to clear up my reasons for leaving JPL and the online fandom scene. I separated from my children's mother. To cope, I began training in mixed martial arts. That, and a lack of my own PC, deterred me from being active. Though my passion for dinosaurs and paleontology never diminished. In 2017 I took a trip to Sylvania OH, to Fossil Park. I have since donated two fossils to a local high school and library. The same year I cam close to starting college in a career towards paleontology, but life requires adaptation sometimes.

So as I posted elsewhere in the forums, I am back, in the matrix of Jurassic-Pedia. Picking up where I left off, in SEO.

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Re: Cha0tic C0de
Post Thu May 31, 2018 8:58 pm by TheDreamMaster
Good to have you bac!
Re: Cha0tic C0de
Post Thu May 31, 2018 9:43 pm by TRK/TrexKing
The JP Fandom will always be our home. Sentiments summed up by TDM exactly.
Re: Cha0tic C0de
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Cha0tic C0de

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