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 It Needs A Mother, a Fallen Kingdom story.

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It Needs A Mother, a Fallen Kingdom story. Empty
PostSubject: It Needs A Mother, a Fallen Kingdom story.   It Needs A Mother, a Fallen Kingdom story. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2018 12:08 pm

The Indoraptor, Dr. Henry Wu's greatest creation, has never known life outside of it's metal prison deep under Lockwood Manor. It has known nothing but torture and anguish. But soon, it discovers the meaning of compassion in one very special 11 year old girl.

The metal is cold.

The walls are cold.

The bars are cold.

The water is dirty.

The meat they gave me has gone bad. It reeks. I can hear a fly buzzing.

I don't want to eat right now.

The bad men aren't here right now.

But I know they'll come back.

With their stinging sticks and their angry voices.

Disgusted at me, laughing and pointing at me.

It makes me feel bad.

I hear metal clanking, a door opening. Footsteps up above my room.

The men have returned.

I hear yelling, angry.

It's two people. I recognize both of them.

It's the small one, with the short hair. And then the taller one, with the glasses.

They are both mean to me. I don't like them.

Someone is coming down the steps. Small little footsteps.

I can hear it's panicked, fearful breathing.

A figure comes into view.


Who is that?

It's...it's a girl.

A little girl. I've never seen her before, but her smell is familiar, ancient.

She's coming closer. She's not looking at me. But she's still scared.

Could...could it be?

Maybe I can reach her.

I can feel her silky hair against my pale claws. It feels nice.

She turns to me, and screams.

Wait, please! No!

Come back! Please!

I just wanted to say hello!

I don't want to be…alone.


What is he doing?

Let her go! LET HER GO!

I scream, and slam against the bars.


He leaves, pulling her with him. I slam and slam against the bars. They don't budge.

One of the doors going up to the surface opens. The evil man takes the girl in there, and the door shuts.

They're gone.

And I'm alone again.
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It Needs A Mother, a Fallen Kingdom story. Empty
PostSubject: Re: It Needs A Mother, a Fallen Kingdom story.   It Needs A Mother, a Fallen Kingdom story. Icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2018 1:18 pm

Nicely done!

Have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness
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It Needs A Mother, a Fallen Kingdom story.
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