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 Velociraptor antirrhopus

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PostVelociraptor antirrhopus

Species: Velociraptor (Deinonychus) antirrhopus

Length: 13ft

Height: 5.5ft

Location: North America

Time Period: Cretaceous

Movies: Jurassic Park ///

Games: Jurassic Park ///: Dino Defender, Jurassic Park ///: Island Attack, Jurassic Park ///: Island Builder, Jurassic Park ///(Arcade Game), Jurassic Park ///: Danger Zone!, Jurassic Park ///: The DNA Factor, Jurassic Park: Explorer, Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

Bio: A medium sized dinosaur, this species of dromaeosaur is an agile and intelligent killer. With long, dexterous arms, a muscular tail to balance the swift predator, Velociraptor can reach speed of cheetah proportion. One of the most distinguishing features of this hunter, is the 6 inch sickle shaped claw that appears on the second innermost toe. The claw is used to grapple onto prey, while slashing into the prey as well. This is actually a subspecies that shares many similar traits to the it's relative. However, this subspecies appears to be much more social in pack structure than the previously recorded Velociraptor.

Role in Jurassic Park: In Jurassic Park ///, Velociraptor again returns as the "villain" of the franchise. This time, however, we find the animals as a subspecies of the previous raptors. They are more colorful, the nasal ridge has enlarged, and the males now present a queue of quills running down the back of their heads. Along with the physical features, it has been apparent that this subspecies is far more social than their cinematic predecessors. A male is first encountered by our recently crashed cast and chases Paleontologist Alan Grant, his field assistant Billy Brennan, booking agent Udesky, and divorced parents Paul and Amanda Kirby who have come to Isla Sorna looking for their son, Eric, who has been stranded on the island after a para-sailing accident. The characters are chased through the Embryonic and Administration Complex, which was the factory floor for where the dinosaurs had been created, and eventually are cornered in the holding pen area. After a short struggle, the male is briefly trapped in one of the cages until it climbs out, and shows its communicative ability by calling upon the aid of the rest of the pack. After a chase, the Alan Grant is split from the group, after stumbling upon Billy's dropped carry on bag. The group is chased up a tree, however, Udesky falls behind, where the raptors find and kill him. Meanwhile, Alan Grant stumbles upon the rest of the pack, where they notice and trap Alan. He is rescued by Eric Kirby, who has been living off of abandoned rations for the 8 weeks he had been on the island. Our characters once again encounter the raptors for a final time at the end of the movie, after discovering that Billy had stolen two raptor eggs, which he planned to sell to help fund further paleontological digs. Entrapping the characters, now minus Billy who had apparently sacrificed himself in order to rescue Eric from mutant Pteranodons, the Alpha Female picks Amanda Kirby out of the group, believing she was the one to steal the eggs. After handing over the eggs, the pack leaves, likely frightened by the sound of the approaching helicopters from the military rescue Alan Grant was able to call.

Velociraptor antirrhopus Male+Raptor+CD

Velociraptor antirrhopus Female+Raptor+CD

Velociraptor antirrhopus IxTwoGb
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Velociraptor antirrhopus

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