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 Jurassic Park - Misdirection (working title) Fan Fiction.

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Jurassic Park - Misdirection (working title) Fan Fiction. Empty
PostSubject: Jurassic Park - Misdirection (working title) Fan Fiction.   Jurassic Park - Misdirection (working title) Fan Fiction. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 17, 2019 1:16 pm

I've felt inspired as of late to revisit doing a Jurassic Park Fan Fiction, but this time marrying the elements together that we have being presented from Jurassic World movies and viral sites. There's also some references to ideas from like Live the Legend in this as well. Why I got this bug, I don't know, but it does feel good to get my creating juices flowing again. I'd also brought some elements over from the second novel as well.

This is my synopsis: In 1998, Richard Levine is recruited by Simon Masrani to finish what Malcolm's team from 1997 failed to do and that was to get a complete photo and video record of the animals in their habitat. While Levine believes he is doing this to aid in the animal's conversation he suspects there are ulterior motives at play in the situation that he's otherwise finding himself complacent in. Levine recruits Jack "Doc" Thorne who was Eddie Carr's partner in Mobile Field Systems as well as Nick Van Owen who is once again returning to Isla Sorna to help produce the video documentary. Levine's team is also joined by Dieguito, or Diego, a local guide to help the group move through Isla Sorna documenting the animal life. When they arrive on the island things start off well, but what they discover is a super tyrannosaurus created as an early proof of concept by InGen's geneticists for military applications. As the tyrannosaurus starts hunting them they discover the truth to the matter and are forced to depend on each other to survive to find a way off of Site B.

This is what all I have written thus far:

The only thing that could be heard was the sounds of insects and the chirps of birds above in the jungle canopy. The humidity and heat of the jungle in the air was so thick and pervasive that one could swim through it. To the wildlife here though this heat was opportunity to thrive and grow their numbers. The sun glistened in a patchwork of spots through the canopy as the only form of light for the forest this deep. The undergrowth may have been an obstacle in this forest, but there was a behemoth walking, silently strolling with the only exception of its feet pounding the earth and occasional breathing from it.
The beast stood on its bird-like feet, with its tail raised parallel off the ground and the head itself was about five to six feet long and filled with rows of banana-shaped daggers of teeth. The animal was a Tyrannosaurus and it strolled through the forest of Isla Sorna searching for some type of sustenance. The patterns on the animal were slightly muted due to the sun light’s patchwork through the jungle canopy, but the pattern along the body were orange, with a black lateral stripe, an olive-green or even grey midsection, and a creamy white under belly. The animal’s red-orange eyes blinked for a moment as it sniffed the air. It caught the scent of something far away and was tracking it. The animal began to move with purpose a bit more. As the Tyrannosaur strolled through the woods and began knocking over trees as it moved closer to the decay it sensed. Whatever it was after, the thick undergrowth wasn’t going to remain an obstacle for it for very long.
As the Tyrannosaur exited the trees they entered onto a plain or field of tall grass. Up ahead it saw the source of the decay, it was the carcass of a dead juvenile Brachiosaurus. Unfortunately the Brachiosaurus had attracted a pack of a different type of predator. This predator has two crests on its head and engaged in vibrant displays with puffing out their chest and flapping their neck fans at each other to assert dominance and their pecking order. The Tyrannosaurus stood for a moment watching the little Dilophosaurus go back and forth with each other while each of them would alternate between nibbling on the Brachiosaurus carcass before them.
A roar erupted from the Tyrannosaurus causing the Dilophosaurs to scatter entirely. As the T. rex came up on the carcass it took a bite for the victory from the carcass. This male wasn’t colored like the other male Tyrannosaurus you would find living on the island, the green with alternating black and tan stripes, it was also larger than the males and more comparable to the size of the females. In Tyrannosaurs the male was submissive to the female, but this Tyrannosaurus was different with his bright coloration and size as well as ferocity to match the most dominant of females. This Tyrannosaurs’ name was Solitaire and he was the undisputed king of InGen’s Isla Sorna Site B as one of the original seven Tyrannosaurs cloned by InGen. He was also part of a larger experiment brought about to test the limits of genetic modification and application for other purposes.
Solitaire had finished his meal and decided to lie down next to the half striped upon carcass. He let out a little growl of satisfaction with his handiwork as a pack of Compsognathus came and started scavenging. He laid down fully and opened his mouth like a crocodile resting on a river bank basking in the sun to let the little Compies pick the meat out of his teeth. He closed his eyes for a moment and let out a deep breath and fell asleep briefly.
When Solitaire awoke and the sun was moving to the west to set and it would soon be nightfall on the island. Solitaire used his forearm to scratch his belly as he stood up fully and let out a yawning roar. He began to sniff the air and sensed a fresh water source near-by. As he moved to it he began to smell the other dinosaurs in the area. He sense a herd of Triceratops rather distantly some Parasaurolophus as well too. Usually they herded with the Brachiosaurs, but this time they were with the Trikes foraging. Then again being in the northern portion of the island Solitaire figured things would be a bit different.
As Solitaire moved through the jungle towards the pond he let out of a growl of exhaustion and ended up startling some of more native life that would be on the island. Solitaire bent down and lapped the cool water in his mouth. Due to his mutations and differences with the other males he primarily operated alone and he became accustomed to hunting that way. True he used his size to scare predators smaller than him off entirely, but his large sized even scared the other Tyrannosaurs that lived on Site B off as well.
Solitaire snorted a little bit and sniffed the air taking in the scents and sounds, he was going to find a spot to sleep for the night, probably near the water source he lead himself to just now. As Solitaire lay down his tail smacked a tree over for a moment. He watched it fall and let out another growling snort from his nose. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. He was looking forward to resting for sure.

The sun had barely risen and Richard Levine yawned lazily. He was a paleontologist and he was going to InGen’s Site B as the world decided what to do with both Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar. Rumors abound was that Simon Masrani was in negotiations with InGen to purchase it and revitalize John Hammond’s dream. Hammond himself had only grown sicker and had more or less retired from public life. The family members that he had still living were gathered around him to say their goodbyes as the end was approaching for him inevitably. While Hammond wanted to publicly have the animals be left alone on Site B, the chance that Simon Masrani on behalf of Masrani Global was more about giving him a second chance at his dream that Dennis Nedry had taken away with his sabotage. He insisted though that the animal’s welfare should and would be the highest priority above all else. With that in mind, Masrani pushed forward with his desire to bring back Hammond’s Jurassic Park.
Levine was hired with a team to go back to Isla Sorna and fully document everything for Masrani to work with getting engineering and construction companies together for rebuilding the park on Isla Nublar. Levine, while fresh out of grad school and having elite connections, jumped at the chance. Unfortunately Levine’s attitude and demeanor was nothing less that arrogant and many had commented on the difficulty of working with him. Levine though was focused on building a life for himself, a successful one academically and so he was the “fresh new star” of paleontology. A couple weeks ago when Levine was approached by Simon Masrani through at a socialite function for Levine’s family with this offer he couldn’t say no to Simon at all. Levine discussed the idea of going to Isla Sorna after the San Diego Incident when he found out Malcolm’s team to document the animals there was never completed due to Hammond’s nephew moving in to capture the dinosaurs to save InGen from Chapter 11 by opening the abandoned Jurassic Park: San Diego park.
“We’re about fifteen to twenty minutes out.” commented the pilot.
“Great.” said Levine into the microphone. He looked around for a moment, at his assembled team, Jack Thorne was an older African American man and the new head of Mobile Field Systems after Eddie Carr had died almost a year ago on the same mission, their local guide Dieguito or simply Diego was along for the journey, and lastly a person that was on the island before and was a videographer for Malcolm’s technically failed expedition, Nick Van Owen.
Van Owen desired to finish the documentarian aspects of the expedition he wasn’t able to finish given the fact he sabotaged Peter Ludlow’s operation and the fact the Gatherer’s team ended up causing the situation to degrade on the island so much that documentation became the last thing on anyone’s mind.
This time he knew no one else was coming to the island, he really wasn’t there to sabotage or gum up operations. He was there to help with the conservation of the animals and he honestly felt he owed it to these animals and their security to have another chance at documenting them. He knew that forming a record would also help future generations to develop better conservation efforts for them, whatever those conservations exactly were. It was a win-win.
Nick Van Owen knew Jack Thorne after he met Eddie, Thorne was more or less the heart and backbone of Mobile Field Systems when Eddie Carr was the face of the company. Thorne was tasked with gathering the resources for the expedition though and made some improvements to the vehicle they were carrying in the cargo container of the helicopter. The Helicopter held the third Mercedes from the shop that wasn’t finished at the time Malcolm insisted they all drop everything and go to save Dr. Harding,
Levine wanted to do the operation a bit differently than Hammond had envisioned. Instead of a Fleetwood RV with a lab trailer attached they decided to base doing their camp with tents and misters to keep the team cool. To keep the animals out Thorne had a brand new device called an ‘avoidance beacon’ and it worked on the principle like a dog whistle; it would hit in the dinosaurs hearing range and repel them away. They would be operating on a solar powered battery during the day with a gasoline generator as a fail safe or backup power source during the night or cloudy days if they needed it.
The Mercedes that was left over at the Mobile Field System shop was upgraded with this year’s newest technology as well as structurally made a bit stronger. The M-Class could take a beating and still keep going while operating on an electrical battery like the other cars it was built along side. The AAV’s were the ideal vehicle for the expedition given Thorne’s improvements.
Thorne himself was an engineer and held a doctorate and was once a professor in applied engineering at Stanford. He met Eddie Carr and both of them being engineers forged their desire to start a business together called Mobile Field Systems. Thorne may not have been a people person, but Eddie was and so Carr was the face of the company. Plus the fact his last name was Carr and they built expedition cars were sort of a running gag between the two as well as potential clients. Eddie had once commented “I’m the Carr guy that makes stronger cars!” Corny jokes aside, Thorne thought of Eddie very often, especially over the last year when he found out he didn’t make it on the expedition. Thorne pushed through his grief though as he finished the third M-Class AAV that was left behind before Malcolm dragged everybody to Sorna. Thorne didn’t blame Malcolm or Hammond though. He blamed himself because he knew he should have gone with the first time.
Levine himself wasn’t much of a leader though he was a rich-kid and grew up as one. Leadership fell primarily on Thorne this time around unofficially at least and it was probably for the better considering what happened with Malcolm’s expedition less than a year ago. As for their guide Dieguito, or Diego, he was a quiet man. He grew up in Costa Rica and was a mutual friend with Martin Guitierrez, a field biologist from Yale that worked for the Costa Rican Department of Biological Preserves.
While Guitierrez was tasked with numerous conservation operations in the past he met Diego when he first arrived in Costa Rica years ago and frequently Diego served as a guide for Martin. Martin eventually met Levine and from there the two worked together on their fellowships and had a decent academic relationship despite how difficult Levine was to work with.
While Martin avoided the idea though of wanting to check out the islands, especially after InGen purchased them, Diego wanted and craved the adventure. While InGen had relocated members of the Bribri people, the Tun-Si, to the Costa Rican mainland there was always stories that InGen’s operations was something constructed out of a monster movie or mad science. When the truth finally came out, Diego had found himself on board with being Levine’s guide for his expedition to Isla Sorna.
With the sun steadily moving up from the eastern horizon as the helicopter flew with the cargo container attached underneath finally cast its shadow upon solid land. They were approaching a clearing that was mostly flat with a place to set down the container and for them to establish a base camp in. The idea was to keep everything together while using the M-Class AAV to ferry between locations using Site B’s old network of roads. Infrared had indicated that their touchdown point was also an optimal location to place base camp to setup shop and begin operations. The chopper set the cargo container to the ground first before hovering over to land fully. The blades slowed and Levine, Thorne, Van Owen, and Diego exited the chopper and began unloading their equipment quickly and hastily. The pilot offered a “thumbs up” to signify that the three were finished unloading. She looked briefly at the men waiting and they gave her a thumb’s up as they double checked they had their equipment and supplies. They would radio in when they were ready for pickup. They all hoped it would be a smooth visit and operation here.
When were the visits to these islands ever smooth though? Levine thought.

* * *

After a couple hours the team had base camp brought together and the equipment unpacked and stowed. The tents were up and the camp would be their definition of civilization for the next week or so. Thorne held a clipboard going over their supplies and inspecting their food rations one more time to be thorough. He checked everything else, did a couple equipment tests with their satellite phone, made his calls to Masrani and others to check in and was now getting the Lindstradt and Stun guns together for everybody to carry in case. Thorne brought two kinds of darts for the Lindstradt rifles one was lethal and the others in bulk were primarily non-lethal. The lethal were primarily for in emergency or extreme cases. Masrani had expressed that no harm was to come to any of the animals under any circumstances. Nick Van Owen walked up to Thorne and looked at him as he checked off the list he was looking at on it.
“How are you doing Doc?” asked Nick.
“Eh. Fine I guess. Honestly I am thinking about Eddie and the whole thing that happened there. I wish he was still around.”
“Eddie was a good man and died a hero.” said Nick remembering the expedition a year ago. “He saved Malcolm, Harding, and me when the RV was attacked by the T-Rex family.”
“Are you holding a lot of guilt there still Nick? I told you, you were being selfless with saving that infant T-Rex like Eddie was selfless with saving you guys.”
“A bit yeah, I admit.” said Nick almost detached, “It’ll be good to be here again to finish what we started the first time around and Masrani seems focused more on the conservation of the animals than throwing them into being zoo exhibits.”
Thorne nodded for a moment as he finished going over his check list. “Time to go talk to asshole.” he said with a sigh.
Levine was sitting under one of the covered shelters on the ground with a note book with hastily scribbled notes on the pages and some decent drawings of some of the dinosaurs the expedition was going to be documenting on their trip here. Levine sighed and rubbed his eyes. He hated the heat, but at the same time it was a job hazard. A job hazard he hated. Levine looked over to Diego for a moment as he was organizing his tent still.
“Levine” said Thorne in a cranky disposition. “I took stock of everything once more again and we’re good on that front.”
Levine nodded. “Well good. The sooner we get started with our documentation the better. I’ve been going over my notes about the island and the habitats of the animals as well as the change of habitats after Malcolm’s expedition here. By the way, thanks for that Nick.” Levine had said with an element of condescending sarcasm.
Levine blamed Van Owen altering the animal’s territories by saving the infant T. rex that Roland Tembo had captured to lure the animal’s father out so he could make it a trophy. It also happened to also be the same Tyrannosaurus that strolled through downtown San Diego making an utter mess of things while exposing people to the truth of InGen’s operations.
“Let it go man.” advised Thorne. “Can you see the man is kicking his own ass still a bit over all that?”
Levine paused for a moment, snorted. “Okay, sure, whatever. I’m currently thinking our first documentation should be the Triceratops horridus herd that rotates through this region. From my notes and satellite imagery it should be easy to catch them since there’s an outcrop or two that will allows us to remain above them and therefore hidden.”
“Señor Levine, what about carnivores?” asked Diego.
“They’re non-concern right now. We have the avoidance beacons here, but we also have something Doc Thorne here was working on to be like bear repellant too.” Levine said as he moved to the cargo crate. He gestured to the map they had setup on a table and Levine pointed out where the AAV was going to need to park along with the path they were going to take to get to the rocky outcrops.
“Those ledges are very narrow.” added Diego.
“I am aware of the ledges.” said Levine. “We’re going to take minimal and essential gear with us though. So we’ll be bringing just our cameras, cassette recorder for audio recording, water, and a lindstradt pistol or rifle.”
“What about head lamps?” asked Nick “They’ll be useful if we’re there longer than we think we’ll be and they can help us in the dark.”
Levine smiled and nodded that they should bring them.
“So, are there any other suggestions or comments?” asked Levine. The men shook their head as a no and everybody set out to get their gear and equipment ready. Within about fifteen to thirty minutes all four of the men were ready to go. Thorne climbed into the driver seat of the M-Class AAV and started the engine while Levine sat in the passenger seat with Nick and Diego in the back. The car whirred forward with the engine utterly silent. If it wasn’t for the indicator light on the dash they wouldn’t have known that the car’s engine wasn’t even on.
“Double check on the satellite phone, you said you called Masrani?” asked Levine.
“I did, I placed the check in call shortly after we touched down.” said Thorne.
“Alright, great! Just note that we need to check in every twelve to fourteen hours.”
“Yeah, I know.” said Thorne as he rolled his eyes as the car went down the jungle dirt road and around some curvy turns.
Levine glanced down at his notebook and some of the satellite imaging photographs when the car came to a stop. Levine looked up to see two very large brown pebbled textured bodies of a group of Edmontosaurus grazing on some leaves from nearby bushes. The animals were quietly honking back and forth between themselves. As one raised its head, Levine noticed it held what could only be described as a rooster comb on its head. Levine grinned before he turned and gestured to Nick only to see had taken out his camera to for video and pictures. Levine turned back around with a smug smile of satisfaction and watched the Edmonotsaurus. The scene was peaceful and serene, but it was a deceptive one. It was a betrayal of the dangers the island echoed far underneath in more complex patterns and systems with the delicate balance of predator and prey.
As the M-Class AAV made its way down the dirt road the sun was still high in the sky Levine noted, this offered perfect opportunity to get the footage they needed before returning back to camp to eat and then sleep for tomorrow’s venture. The M-Class rounded a dirt road that overlooked a valley and in the valley was the Triceratops herd. Some of them were competing with each other while others were constructing nests and the younger animals that had yet to reach maturity were laying down watching the competition.
“I think that might be doing a mating display or interspecies competition to earn the right to mate.” said Levine.
Thorne stopped their AAV on the ridge and looked at Nick in the back with Diego, “You think this is a good spot instead of trying to go for that ridge?”
“I’ve got a wide angle lens for shots like this. I’d just have to check the settings and adjust the focuses for this far back. It should be doable though.” responded Nick.
“Well…you’re the boss.” said Thorne to Levine, “Should we setup shop here and get the shots you want of the Trikes?”
Levine looked for a moment and noticed how far away and steep the ridge actually was, but he also looked at the location of the herd and the view this location offered of them courting and nesting. Levine let an annoyed sigh escape from his mouth.
“Fine, whatever I mean, I guess.” he responded dismissively.
“Good.” said Thorne, “Nick you can go ahead and setup where you think would be better. Diego, I need you to be lookout for Nick just in case. Would you do that for me?”
“Sí.” said Diego as he got out the back seat and looked around to make sure there were no predators. He gestured to Nick it was safe and he got out shouldering his video equipment.
Thorne sat for a moment next to Levine and was watching him go over his notebook, satellite imaging, and other information he had brought with them.
“Something you want?” asked Levine annoyed.
“Do you think this valley is safe enough for us to put up the High Hide here for continued observation?” asked Thorne.
Levine rolled his eyes, “We need something a bit closer to camp for one and two this spot isn’t exactly the best for that considering.”
“Infrareds show that this is a small carnivore range around here since it is a nesting site. So things like Dilophosaurs venenifer, Velociraptor antirrhopus maybe, and a few others frequent this area on occasion. The carnivores would be here to get the young, the elderly, the sick, and even eat their eggs.” Levine responded annoyed a bit. “Unfortunately I’ve been looking over the notes again as well as the infrared tracking and I’m a bit concerned about this infrared mass. It’s massive and it stays on game trails and other locations that could be considered nesting sites possibly. Usually a mass this big indicates there are two animals, but it is always traveling in this solid state and never divides up as it is always consistently the same shape. I don’t know what it is and frankly I am worried for that reason alone.”
“Worried enough to not tell anybody until now?” asked Thorne sarcastically.
“Cute.” Levine said sarcastically with a condescending laugh before he elaborated. “But no. I’m worried that we might intersect with whatever it is when we are supposed to be observing and recording for Masrani. The only large carnivore that should be here are the Tyrannosaurus. InGen cloned approximately seven of them, maybe eight with what one note says, it’s not really entirely clear. The InGen documents we have access to frankly have a lot of miscommunication and inconsistencies in them and all it just shows is that InGen was constantly playing with fire here and continually guessing about what animals they had the DNA of and were producing. I don’t know if this large mass I saw was part of anything official.”
“Unofficially?” asked Thorne
“The possibility they were up to ‘no good’ as many have suggested with possible violations of the Gene Guard Act purported in recent months due to the fallout of the San Diego Incident is exceedingly high. As said, there are just a lot of inconsistencies that lead to negligence, miscommunication, and misdirection here from all the documents I have access to that Masrani gave me for this expedition. It’s basically a strong trend of human incompetence and that’s going to make our jobs that much harder with getting a complete photo and video record of the animals we need to while staying under the radar altogether.
“Anyways, we need to get over to where Nick is recording the Trikes and I need to record my observations of their behavior in my notebook and on my tape recorder.” Levine jumped out of the AAV with his backpack on his shoulder and his notebook in hand. Thorne sat for a moment before getting out and started following Levine over to where Nick and Diego had setup their portable makeshift recording studio.
Levine took his pack off his shoulder sat on the ground to watch the Triceratops herd and opened up his notebook to begin writing. He pulled out his tape recorder to also take notes for when the sun would set. They were overlooking the herd and hid behind a fallen log. Nick had setup his camera and was recording the Triceratops as the animals congregated in circular groups observing the young males fighting amongst themselves with their horns and frills interlocking with one another.
Levine smiled at the sight and everyone else seemed to enjoy watching the animals. Today was a good day.

* * *

A couple hours had gone by and Levine signified it was time to pack up and return to camp. He felt this was a good first day and they managed to capture a lot of the Triceratops herd that Malcolm’s expedition last year did not catch since it became a sabotage operation when Ludlow and his team arrived. The location for the expedition alone was somewhat closer to the Worker’s town albeit the journey was still treacherous. Levine wanted to avoid the Tyrannosaurus rex Family that Malcolm’s team encountered because they were known man eaters. He felt that seeing humans again would encourage them to hunt his expedition and the last thing Masrani needed was any additional loss of life to sort through the litigations of since the body trail these islands had was so extensive.
“Gears packed up.” advised Thorne. “Are we good to go?”
Levine shifted his gaze around and nodded as everybody piled into the AAV to proceed back to base camp.

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Jurassic Park - Misdirection (working title) Fan Fiction.
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