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 Indoraptors existing life

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PostSubject: Indoraptors existing life   Indoraptors existing life Icon_minitimeSat Aug 05, 2023 6:09 pm

This story focuses on the events in the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom but from the indoraptors perpective in the scenes he´s featured. I will of course call him Ripper because thats what almost all does. I will make the story in 3 chapters. One before Wheatley come into the cage. The second chapter will be up to the Indoraptor going outside and are on the roof roaring. Final chapter will be the showdown and end.


I.m alone like i,m most of the time. This morning i hadnt gotten food so i,m abit hungry. I know the food would come sooner or later. My body is cramping a little because i havent had space to stretching out for quite some time. My tail always scrape at the walls and it makes me very annoyed. The days has been quite boring also. Not many things has happened in the past weeks except from some feeding and some dumb person who changed the light last week. I fooled him and killed him. They thought the sedation was enough but so wrong they were.

Suddenly i hear people talking. Its the two people i have known since birth. They doesnt sound happy at all. Hopefully its not my fault. I dont know what their words are but they sound angry or upset. After awhile i hear someone coming down from the stairs.

Whoever it is i dont know but the steps come closer to my cage that i call home. I still hear the two people talking so it cant be them. But wait.. i see something red. Red is the colour i have learn to react to and of course that horrible noise from that thing they have in their hands. It comes closer and i see its a human like the two people that raised me. But she´s wearing red. Is this a test to see my reaction? She smells very nice. There is something odd with her smell that makes me even more curious.

The person comes closer to my cage and i let out a claw and touch the thing they have above their heads. It feels soft like fur and smells nice. The person notice what i,m doing and turn around and screams almost like the thing they use to make me react. I roar at the person and it runs away.

After some time the new person goes away and i,m left alone again. I hate being in the cage and i wanna have some friend too. I try to think if this new person was a test or not. I cant be sure and it bothers me. I want to make them happy. If they are happy i get more food.

Its nightime and they day has been exiting. After the persons left i have heard and seen other dinosaurs around me. I have called them but no one seems to know me. They are confused of me. I,m abit confused of myself as well. Who am i really. I can spot some simirallities between some of them but not quite right.

Sometimes i can hear some of the dinosaurs seems to leave their cage and they dont return. Thats kind of strange but i dont care anymore because of the hunger.

Suddenly i hear someone approaching my cage. I become alert and curious. Something strikes my skin. Ouch! What for?

Oh ok, they sedated me i guess. Lets see if this one is as reckless as the one who would change the light.

Weird enough i begin to feel sleepy. Like i want to lay down and sleep. But thats not how my plan goes. I just cant stay up and have to lay down. Damn not my day at all. My thoughts has become more silent and i close my eyes. Zzzz zzz

Zzz.. Whoa! Wait a minute. Did i…? Damn i fell asleep and now its too late. But…

Something is different. I,m not in my usual cage. Instead i,m in a bigger one and its moving. I can feel the vibrations when its moving. I growl a little because i feel i dont have control over the situation. Sometimes i can see light coming and going. It seems whatever i,m going i,m going up. I move around in the cage so i can see and hear better whats going on. I can feel quite some exitement.

The cage seems to have stopped going up. I can hear someone talking. He mentions me. I,m normally called Indoraptor but some call me ripper. A giant door opens and the cage begins to move again. This time it moves forward. I growl and i can both see and smell many people around me. I wonder why they are there. The cage moves into a very big room and suddenly i feel spearing pain from the sides. They are giving me electric shocks. I can not understand why. I havent doing any wrong to them. I raise my growly voice to make them stop but they keep on. I hate this i Hate this…

I try to bite the ones who hurt me but i cant reach them through the bars.

Lastly i roar at the top of my lungs. ENOUGH! STOP HURTING ME!. That seems to do the trick because they stop doing the shocks. I raise myself a little and look around. I can see people on both sides of the cage. They smell really nice. Would be fun to make some of them a meal but i cant reach them from my cage. Abit away from the other people i can spot a person i,ve never seen before. Whoever he is its apparent he´s talking about me. I raise to almost my full lenth and relax a little. Under the mean time the new person keeps talking.

Suddenly i see that red spot i have been trained to react to. I become alert and focus very hard on the red spot and the peron who has the red spot. The noise comes and i attack. Sadly i cant reach the person with the red spot. Its not fair. Many of the other people in the room seems to react to my attack. Not sure if its a good thing but i think it is. Some people begin shouting things. I dont really listen to them but i can smell quite some exitement from them. It takes a while but quite shortly the new person begins shouting almost the same words the others are shouting.

A Hard knock is heard and after that the new person is silent. I can suddenly smell a new dinosaur i,ve never seen or smelled before. The new dinosaur comes rushing from somewhere back of the room. It smashes into the people and knocks them to the ground. I,m impressed by this new dinosaur. Maybe we should work together. More and more people people are knocked around and theres lots of screaming. When the new dinosaur approached my cage i try to talk to it but it wont listen to me. It just keep throwing people around.

Suddenly my cage begins to movie again. I growl in exitement. I can see people fighting each other. Great now they fight each other. Maybe some will get very hurt and die and giving me a decent meal. I wanna join in in the fight and jumps around in my cage trying to get them. Sadly i just cant reach them. The cage is almost at the door when it suddenly stops. Another new person approach my cage and looks at me. He is really close to me and i can feel his sweaty smell. I growl at him and ask in my language to be let out but that doesnt happen. Theres an electric flash somewhere and it smells metallic. The new person and all the others are quickly moving from the room, leaving me alone once again. I growl to them to get back but no one seems to hear me.

Chapter 2 The romp

The place is empty. I can only hear the ventilation in the big room but suddenly i began hearing someone approaching. After some time another new person i,ve never seen before comes to my cage. He yells about something but when he sees me he does react. It seems he is awed by me. I raise up and bite the bars of the cage. This new person just stands there looking at me and i roar ”let me out” to him. The person doesnt understand me but he comes closer.

Suddenly i feel sharp pain like when i get sedated. Ah damn not again!. This time however i dont feel sleepy even if i still feel abit drugged from earlier. Suddenly i come up with an idea. I will try to be sleepy and see what happens. Maybe this person will do the same mistake as the worker last week. I let myself fall down on the floor of the cage. It sure looks like i,m sleeping but in reality i,m wide awake, ready to see what happens next.

It seems my wishes got true because my cage is soon opened. I try the hardest to lay still to fool the person. After some time he comes into my cage. I breath calmy but cant resist twitching my claws a little. I can feel the vibrations of the persons steps. Soon he is where my head is. He talks softly to me and kick me lightly in my head.

The person is bending down to my head and suddenly i feel something around one of my teeths. It doesnt feel bad but i cant understand why he´s touching my tooth. The person is beside my head now and i gently raise my tail and then shortly let it fall down again to get him distracted. Seems it worked because i can feel hes moving a little. I smile to myself ”You will be a great meal”.

The person smells different. Maybe he´s a little afraid but after a while he keeps on touching my teeths. Ok enough of playing time and instead time to get a meal. I raise my tail again and this time he sees it. Then i brutally attack him. I open my mouth and his arm is in there while i rise up to my almost fully length. The person is screaming and tries to get away but i have him locked there. After a short time i bite of his hand and swallows it whole. It taste great.

The person has fallen down and is sitting in the corner of the cage. I approach him and it very easy now to smell his fear. He is under my mercy now but i wont show any mercy to him. I nudge my head towards his and hes crying for some reason. Lastly i gave a great roar which makes something atop his head flew away. Then i dig in to his sweet flesh. Its really great because i havent been fed for a while. I swallow the person bite for bite.

I,m almost finished with my meal when i hear someone screaming. I drop my prey and look up to see another person looking at me and then i remember that the cage is open. I quickly get out of the cage and begin run towards the person who was screaming before. They are all in another small room and i,m almost there when it closes. I bump into it but nothing happens. Ah well a wasted meal it seems.

I turn around to get back to my earlier meal when my tail hits something. It stings shortly at the tail tip but whats more interresting is that the door to the small room opens up. I turn around facing them and roar at them. Then i dig into their tender flesh. It taste wonderful and today my belly finally would be quite full. Its four of them so theres alot of food for me.

After eating alot of the people i walk around a little. Suddenly i can hear voices near me. They sound upset and angry. I can spot someone holding one of the things that makes the sound. I begin sneaking towards him and attack him fast. I drag him to another room. Its dark in there but i have pretty good eyesight. Theres other dinosaurs in the room but after i sniff them i realize they are just fake ones.

I then go back to my prey and eat a little of him. I,m no longer hungry but some bits and pieces is swallowed. Just when i swallow the last meat i hear a sound quite near me. I quickly turn around but i cant see anyone. I snarl to, whoever is playing tricks on me.

My nerves are not in good shape and i shivers at times without controll. It makes me annoyed. Also i still hear sounds but cant see where they come from. I see an dinosaur head with horns above something. I climb up the horned head to see better.

I look around atop the head and feel a pressure from the butt needing to be released. I let go a little doo doo and feels happy. Suddenly when i,m atop the head i hear an annoying sound. I look directly down and there i see some people, including the one with red things on it. I roar and jump down on the floor. The others run away and i give chase.

They are running towards some stairs and i jump at the stairs trying to get them. Sadly there metallic thing in between so i cant get them. I try to claw away the metallic things and it work somehow but not as much as i want. I almost bite one of them but almost at the same time something breaks and i fall down. I jump up and comes at the top of the stairs. However they are not there.

I get down on all fours and sniff the ground. Theres alot of smells there and i try to concentrate on some specific smells i noticed before. I can smell them but cant see them. My chin touches the floor accidently and i become annoyed. Some metallic thing flies away.

I rear up and make my special call for anyone to hear. I also look below but can find anything. I make my call again. Nothing. After a short time the room gets dark. I can see good in the darkness so no problems for me.

I get down to the floor with the false dinosaurs because i feel thats where the people are. Maybe i,m wrong. Only time will tell.

I look around for them for a while but finally I see them. They are behind something hard but I can see them just as if they were in front of me. There's that person with red colour again. I crouch down to attack them.

It suddenly gets light again and they seem to be blinded by the light but not me. The person with red is very close to the hard thing. I've seen these hard things before and know they can break if you jump at them with high force.

The person in red catches sight of me and makes this annoying sound that I've learned to react to. i jump at the hard thing and it breaks. It rains bits from it on me but it doesn't hurt. The red person seems to be trying to escape while the others are lying under a tree that fell on them.

I try to bite the red person and the others but there are so many trees and vegetation in the way that it becomes difficult for me. Something heavy has also landed on my neck and I'm frustrated to say the least.

The red person runs away and I accidentally stick my claw in someone's knee and the person screams loudly. I don't always have total control over what my claws are doing. They live their own lives sometimes.

The person in red screams again and I decide to chase her just like I always do when I see the red dot. I pull back and the weight that has been on my neck goes to the floor with a thud.

I soon catch sight of the person in red and run as fast as I can towards her. I run right into a disintegrating dinosaur but it's not a living one so I don't care.

The person has now come to a staircase and she is running up it. I have such good speed that I hit a wall but soon I am also on the stairs chasing the person.

I'm soon so close that I can bite the person but then she makes a hard left turn and my teeth don't touch her. The whole staircase is falling apart but I'm up now and keep chasing her.

She runs towards a long corridor and once again I have such speed that I hit the wall but I can see her running in front of me. She won't get away this time.

She continues to scream at regular intervals which makes me very annoyed. To make things go faster, I've gotten down on all fours and I'm galloping forward in the corridor.

I see that she is crawling into something but I continue forward. It looks like something is closing right in front of me.

I hit my head hard on the thing that just closed and I almost lose my balance. With my claws I try to open the thing but it doesn't work. I get frustrated and roar right out of anger.
How dare she tease me like this? I,m Ripper The mIghty!

I take a deep breath when I notice something. It is a light that moves. It needs to be investigated. The light comes from one of these hard things i just broke. I go to it and break it.

Fresh air rushes towards me and something wet comes from above. I've never seen anything like that before. I step out and get wet right away. It doesn't feel nice, but my curiosity about this new thing is very great.

I move as carefully as I can so I don't slip. I soon find a place that I want to climb. I use my claws to get a good grip and soon I'm up on hard but stable ground.

I tremble with pent-up excitement. This is an amazing place. I can see as far as I want. It doesn't matter anymore that I'm wet. I call out my name in the night as loud as I can. I want everyone to hear me and feel fear. I call out again. My name is Ripper. Hear me roar!

Chapter 3 : Final romp and Finale

I smell a familiar scent coming from somewhere. It's that red person who smells this way. I decide to follow the scent. It might lead me to the person.

I go on the hard foundation. Sometimes it cracks but I have good balance. My nerves mess with me sometimes and I wince involuntarily sometimes. It often happens when I get excited.

I follow the scent and soon I am where the hard surface ends. I look down and once again see one of those hard things I can destroy and see through. But I have to get off the hard surface first. I can glimpse the person in there through the hard things.

I end up on another hard surface that is even more stable. It feels nicer on the feet. I manage to open a handle and now I feel her fear coming through the room and out to me. Good. She should be scared

I walk in where she is and click my claws on the floor. It makes an interesting sound. She is in something long and narrow and has some fabric almost over her head. It looks a bit funny. There are other things in here. Some are on the floor and other things are on other things that I don't know what they are.

I make a slight snorting sound as I approach the long thin thing where the person is. But I get no reaction to the sound I just made. I slowly approach the person and pull my claws close.

There is something really interesting in her smell. After a while I figure out what it is. Her scent is reminiscent of how dinosaurs smell. How come?

Somehow I feel the two of us belong. I'm starting to wonder if I should really eat her now that we have something in common. But at the same time, it feels like she's teasing me with her red color.

I don't have time to think too much about it because suddenly there is a bang and the person I watched closely when I was in the cage enters where we are. He has something in his hand that resembles the things used to make sounds when I focused on the red dots.

I barely have time to object to his coming in and bothering before I feel something hard and sharp hit my body from the thing he's holding. It actually hurts and I'm yelling for him to stop whatever he's doing.

I lose my balance and fall because of the hard and sharp things coming at me. I accidentally knock over several things but it doesn't bother me. The hard and sharp soon stops getting to me and I slowly stand up again.

The person looks at me sourly. As I stand up again fully, I notice that the person in front of me is getting very nervous and is fingering the thing he was just using. He smells scared. I growl angrily at him and he starts backing up against the wall.

So maybe he wasn't that tough after all. He drops the thing on the floor and I growl in triumph. I'm about to attack him when I hear a sound that resembles my attack sound.

A smaller dinosaur stands where the person entered. It looks a bit like me but is much smaller than me. I can tell right away that it wants a fight when it calls me an idiot. I'm just as fast and call it pucko. It's a girl dinosaur but that doesn't mean they get to mess with me anyway.

The little dinosaur jumps into the room and onto me. It manages to get on my back and I spin around frantically so it loses its grip. But it is really stubborn and does not give up easily.

I manage to grab it and throw it on the floor but it gets up very quikly. We keep growling at each other. The person in red screams again and I try to grab her again but the little dinosaur keeps stopping me.
The person in red and the one with the thing jump out of the long and thin thing.

The little dinosaur and I fight and I grab it and throw it right at the long and narrow that the people were just sitting in. The people run out from where we are. I try to follow but i,m immediately stopped by the little dinosaur. She is really stubborn.

Even though the people are no longer with us, the little dinosaur doesn't stop fighting with me. She rips my face and roars at me. We both thump against those hard things you can see through and things fly in the air as we pull forward.

The little dinosaur and I break one of those hard things that you can see through and I dangle out in the air for a while but I manage to get back in. But suddenly the little dinosaur manages to kick me out and I land on a hard surface.

I get a little dizzy but soon I get up again and jump onto something I can climb. There are loud clicking sounds from my claws.

Soon I'm up on a hard surface similar to the one I was thrown from. I can almost see through what's underneath me. I make a provocative noise towards the people who are also standing on the hard surface further away. It looks like they won't be coming anymore. They are trapped with me here.

I accidentally make holes in the surface I'm standing on with my claws. Best to be careful here. It smells strange from the hole.

I roar at the people watching me.

Come along if you dare!

The person in red screams and seems to fall. The other person holds onto her and I see my chance. Now that the other person is busy, I start sneaking up on them. But I have to take it carefully so I don't fall off the ground. I'm almost at them when another sound comes from behind.

It's a harsh and annoying sound. I turn to check what it is. That's the person I accidentally hurt with my claw before. I yell at the person because I really don't like the noises she makes.

I'm not comfortable being in the middle of the surface I'm standing on so I back towards the person who made the noises.

She takes out one of the things that gives the red dot. The dot lights up and I turn to follow where the dot goes. It lands on the person who disturbed me and who just helped the person in red. I feel it is a great enemy against me and I snort with joy because I know the person will not live any longer.

The sound that makes me attack is heard and I make a big jump towards the person the red dot was on but he jumps away just before I reach him.

The surface beneath me breaks and I feel myself falling. However, I manage to hold on with my claws in something hard that hasn't broken. With great force I manage to lift myself onto the hard surface again.

The person the red dot landed on looks a little scared.

So I was meant to fall down and kill myself?

You weren't so lucky today, tough guy.

I growl angrily at him because he tried to both trick and kill me
I wince involuntarily a few times due to my fraying nerves.

I glare at him with pitch black eyes when I suddenly hear a strange sound.

It's that damned little dinosaur again. That it never gives up.

The little dinosaur jumps onto me and the surface below us breaks. We both tumble around in the air. It's at the top.

We tumble around until.....


The indoraptor lands right on a triceratops horn and dies instantly. The velociraptor Blue survives but ripper doesn't know about it. He is already in heaven.

His unnatural life is over and there are no more attempts at unnaturally made dinosaurs in Juarssic World.

It has taken a while to write the story. I was originally going to post it on Reddit but in the end I decided to post it somewhere else. The story is based on what happens to the Indoraptor in the movie.

Hope you enjoyed the story
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Indoraptors existing life
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