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 The first Public Voting Results and Life or Death RP Staff needed!

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The first Public Voting Results and Life or Death RP Staff needed! Empty
PostSubject: The first Public Voting Results and Life or Death RP Staff needed!   The first Public Voting Results and Life or Death RP Staff needed! Icon_minitimeThu Jun 09, 2016 8:08 pm

Well, after two days of voting and the scores being neck and neck for a long time, the voting period for what should be the home page of JPP has ended, and the final result indicates that the majority want the Portal to be the new home page. Immediately following the writing of this news post, the change will be in effect. If you still want to be immediately taken to the forum, then after the change is made, go to the forum index and bookmark that page instead, so you don't need to go through the portal. I would like to call this first voting session as a success, with nearly 25 votes total. I do think we can do better of course, so I hope that even more of you are willing to take part in the next one. So everyone, enjoy the portal!

As for other news, JPP is working on creating a sort of "official" site RP, much akin to how JPL had Live the Legend. This site already has one called Life or Death: Isla Sorna, but as you can tell it is currently locked and hasn't been updated since 2012. As such, some of the staff and I are working to restoring it and bringing it back to life, but we're gonna need more help. If you have any decent experience with the workings of RPs or with forum moderation, send me or another staff member a PM describing what you did and we'll put you on the list of candidates for a Life or Death RP Staff position. Your role will be to maintain the section, enforce its rules, and accept/help new characters in the RP. As of now, we are looking to have about 3 or 4 positions, so if you're interested, do as I mentioned earlier. As soon as we make out decision, we'll PM you and then make it public.

As for general board news, we're now at 150+ members, and growing! Good job and thanks to everyone for coming along! We know that the loss of JPL is devastating to many of you, as for some of you it was a safe haven during tumultuous periods of your personal lives or an escape from stress. Many of you wanted somewhere to discuss your favorite franchise, and it is heartbreaking to all of us to see JPL go. But all is not lost! We have many people archiving JPL from head to toe, and one day we will be able to bring back that original feel of community that JPL had. Most of the community members around you are people you are familiar with from JPL, so do not feel you are alone in a new place! This place will continue to grow and one day we may become as strong as the JPL community was itself. Thank you for bearing with us and we hope you enjoy what's in store.

A smaller update as well, as some of you know I have briefly disabled the block on members less than a week old from posting links. This was necessary so that archiving JPL was easier for people and links can be accessed. On June 14th I will be re-enabling the block as a form of security measure to prevent unruly bots and trolls from causing damage. So if you have joined after the 7th, which will have been a week from reactivation, do not fret. Simply wait until it has been a week since you joined and you will be able to post links again.

That's all for this news update, but be sure to be on the look out for future changes and updates, as changes happen both in big and small form very frequently! Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!

Welcome to Jurassic Mainframe. Read the rules, check out the chatroom, and contribute!

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The first Public Voting Results and Life or Death RP Staff needed!
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