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 Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

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PostSpinosaurus aegyptiacus

Species: Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

Length: 50ft

Height: 25ft

Location: Northern Africa

Time Period: Cretaceous

Movie: Jurassic Park ///

Games: Jurassic Park: DNA Factor, Jurassic Park: Dinosaur Battles, Jurassic Park III: Park Builder, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, Jurassic Park: Island Attack, Warpath: Jurassic Park, Dino Defender, Danger Zone, Jurassic Park: Survival

Bio: One of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs to ever exist, Spinosaurus was actually a primary piscavorian feeder. Laying in wait in rivers, appearing much like a crocodile of the Nile, a crocodile that has a very large sail running down it's spine, Spinosaurus scanned the water, spearing fish on it's large metatarsal claw, before gulping it's prey down it's gharial-like jaws. Specimens first coming out of what it now Sahara Africa in the early 20th Century, one of the most complete skeletons ever found was bombed back to dust when the Berlin Museum was destroyed in World War Two.

Role in Jurassic Park: After the Kirby's land their chartered plane on Isla Sorna, a Spinosaurus is encountered by the escort mercenaries Cooper and Nash as well as booking agent Udesky. After their encounter, Udesky and Nash (minus Cooper) rush back to the plane with the orders that they must leave. Boarding the plane, Nash and Udesky are forced to leave Cooper behind, as he attempts to wave down the plane. While he is waving, the Spinosaurus charges out of the treeline and devours Cooper, causing Nash to perform a premature take-off, which clips the sail of the Spinosaurus, and sends the plane crashing back into the jungle below. Following the plane to its crash site, Spino takes the opportunity feed on the inhabitants after the plane breaks in half. Amanda and Paul Kirby, paleontologists Dr. Alan Grant and Billy Brennan, as well as Udesky scramble from the jaws of the Spino, who is only able to grab Nash, before dropping him to the ground. Nash attempts to crawl away from the beast, but the Spinosaur traps it's prey and killing Nash, before returning to the plane, which by now has fallen from the branches supporting it and to the jungle floor below. After demolishing the plane in an effort to get at the humans inside. Escaping from the wreck, the Kirbies, Dr. Grant, Billy, and Udesky flee, only for the Spinosaurus to follow. The group does not escape danger for long, however, as they come across a feeding subadult Tyrannoaurus. The Spino catches up and engages the rex in a short fight before snapping the rex's neck. This fight gives enough time for the now stranded characters to escape the pursuing Spinosaur. After becoming separated from the group and encountering Eric Kirby, the boy stranded on the island after a disastrous parasailing trip and the reason why Amanda and Paul Kirby have come to Isla Sorna, Alan Grant, hoping to reunite with the rest, continues his trek towards the coast with Eric along side. Upon reuniting at a large fence, Grant and Eric are chased by the Spinosaurus, which had suddenly appeared behind them, until the two find a opening at the bottom of the fence, which they are able to escape through. This safety is cut short, however, when the Spinosaurus busts through the fence and continues it's pursuit until the Kirbies (who had lost Udesky to Velociraptors), Grant, and Bily baracade themselves in the InGen Aviary Complex. The Spinosaurus returns for a final attack when the Kirbies and Grant (Billy being left behind in the Aviary Complex after Pteranodons attack) are flowing down the river on an abandoned InGen barge. The Spinosaurus manages to attack and sink the barge. While Amanda and Eric Kirby are able to get to shore, Paul Kirby distracts the Spinosaurus from atop a crane. Alan Grant uses this opportunity to fire a flare gun at the Spinosaurus, which also sets spilled gasoline alight, causing the Spinosaurus to flee.

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus  SpinoTurn
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus  SPINO_WP_1024

PS: Happy Birthday, Jurassic Park!

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus  IxTwoGb
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Spinosaurus aegyptiacus

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