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 How Would You Make "Jurassic World"?

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How Would You Make "Jurassic World"?  Empty
PostSubject: How Would You Make "Jurassic World"?    How Would You Make "Jurassic World"?  Icon_minitimeWed Jun 08, 2016 8:48 pm

What would your version of Jurassic World be? Post your ideas you had here!

Some of the ideas my friends and I came up with usually revolved around Sorna. Most notably, either a poaching plot line, a mainland plot line, or a research plot line. The last one was the one I had fleshed out the most in my head. It basically would have used every unused scene from the second novel, and many from the first novel: extra exploration of the Labs compound, more research of the dinosaurs, discovery of the DX virus, Raptor motorbike chase, dilo mating dance, Rex river chase, the Carnotaurus in the Village, stuff like that. It would have been a film less blatant with the antagonist (no Hoskin types monologuing about their evil plans), and would have returned to nature being the primary driving force of conflict. It would have spread some seeds of InGen (a now defunct company) being a bit darker in nature; an idea among the fandom that first sprung up about the company in the wake of JP///. Isla Sorna would have been given preserve status as John Hammond's dying wish, forcing the main cast to sneak onto the island via boat. The cast itself would have been the unused novel characters:

-Medical doctor Roberta Carter, who was there on behalf of the Costa Rican government, hoping to find the source of a new disease cropping up in the coastal villages. Later in the movie, it would be implied this disease was the prion based DX, which was transferred to humans when escaped Compies bit them.
-Biologist Marty Guitierrez, who works for the Costa Rican government and who recruited Roberta Carter
-Howard King, a coward and a double agent working for a mysterious third party - aka BioSyn. This would lead into the possible sequel, which would involve BioSyn poaching Isla Sorna, trying to clone healthy dinosaurs for various uses like a safari preserve and animal testing.
-Ed Regis, an ex-administrator at InGen. Since the company is now defunct, he is free of all NDA agreements. He is there because he has access codes that would be helpful.
-Arby Benton, Roberta Carter's young lab assistance and nephew. He gets to experience "the cage", like his novel counterpart. Twisted Evil
-Jack Thorne, owner and manager of Thorne Field Equipment. He's basically a carbon copy of his novel counterpart.
-George Baselton also a copy of his novel counterpart, sans the InGen connection. He's a Stanford professor/professional paleontologist is also working for BioSyn and is there to make sure Howard King doesn't get cold feet. He's working for BioSyn to pay off gambling debts that he's embarrassed about.
-Richard Levine is Baselton's promising young assistant. Basically somewhat of a Billy Brennan but with a "rich-kid attitude problem" (Hey, he goes to Stanford!) He doesn't know that Baselton is working for BioSyn and feels conflicted about him when the truth comes out.

Because of the overarching motivator in this movie being DX, it would have been:
How Would You Make "Jurassic World"?  Q1eea5U

It would have had a full arching plot that ended well enough to not require a sequel, but leaves a few strings uncut in the event that one could occur. From there, it would have been the poaching plot line, which I never gave much thought towards. That one was more fleshed out by my friend, ZombieSaurian. However, because the poaching was leading to extinctions on Isla Sorna, I would have called this one:
How Would You Make "Jurassic World"?  6SxRU8B

The final movie could have been a mainland plot, but I'm unsure what I would do with it, to be completely honest. Sickle-Claw has a really good fanfic involving the mainland plot, but set in the novel canon. I would imagine it would be a lot like that, with focus on invasive species and the impacts they can have on the environment (dinosaurs, here, being the invasive species). For that reason, I'd probably call it Jurassic Park: Invasion, or something like that.

How Would You Make "Jurassic World"?  IxTwoGb
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How Would You Make "Jurassic World"?
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