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 Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics

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PostSubject: Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics   Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics Icon_minitimeWed Dec 28, 2016 12:53 am

So, I decided to get around and link to my Jurassic Park retro fanfics:

Jurassic Park (1930s edition):

Jurassic Park: The Game (1930s edition):

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1930s edition):

Jurassic Park III (1940s edition):

Jurassic World (1950s edition):

I hope you enjoy them!
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics   Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics Icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2018 7:49 pm

So, for some factoids, here is my fanfics' version of InGen's List:

Altispinax (Suchomimus)
Amphicoelias (Mamenchisaurus)
Centrosaurus (Sinoceratops)
Coelophysis (Herrerasaurus)
Dromaeosaurus (Deinonychus)
Elaphrosaurus (Dilophosaurus)
Genyodectes (Carnotaurus)
Hypsilophodon (Lesothosaurus)
Majungasaurus (Aucasaurus)
Ornithocheirus (Geosternbergia)
Ornitholestes (Segisaurus)
Ornithomimus (Gallimimus)
Poekilopleuron (Metriacanthosaurus)
Protoceratops (Microceratus)
Sarcosaurus (Elaphrosaurus)
Stegoceras (Stygimoloch)
Suchosaurus (Baryonyx)
Tyrannosaurus rex

Indominus rex (Hybrid of Tyrannosaurus rex, Indosaurus (Carnotaurus) Carcharodontosaurus (Giganotosaurus), Allosaurus (Majungasaurus), Indosuchus (Rugops), Therizinosaurus, Velociraptor, cuttlefish, tree frog, and pit viper)

Not part of the list, but deserved a mention:
Saurornithoides (Archaeornithomimus)

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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics   Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics Icon_minitimeFri Mar 02, 2018 8:06 pm

And, here is my timeline:

1525- Isla Nublar is discovered by Spanish carrack La Estrella under guidance of navigator Diego Fernandez. It is named ‘Cloud Island’ by cartographer Nicolas de Huelva, possibly due to the clouds of black smoke emanating from Mount Sibo. Following this date, Mount Sibo becomes dormant until 1957.

1526- Some sources indicate that Las Cinco Muertes is discovered this year. However, the date is disputed.

1853- John Parker Hammond is born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Between 1869-1878- Benjamin Lockwood is born.

1870- Sanjay Masrani is born in Bombay, British India.

1907- Simon Masrani is born in Bombay, British India to Sanjay Masrani.

1909- John Hammond's first animal preserve, "Animal Kingdom", opens to the public in Nairobi, British Kenya. Hammond hires Robert Muldoon as park warden.

1913- February 16- Masrani Global established by Sanjay Masrani, with founding of Mascom, in Bombay, British India.
Before May 23- Sarah Harding is born to Gerry Harding and his first wife.

1915- International Genetics Technologies founded by John Hammond in San Diego, California, with locations in Palo Alto and the United Kingdom. Benjamin Lockwood was his partner in business.

1918- Early summer: Jessica Marie Harding is born to Gerry Harding and his second wife.

1919- Mascom unveils its concept for rotary-dial telecommunications in the telecommunications network.

Between 1921-1922- Nima Cruz leaves Isla Nublar.

1922- InGen signs a 99-year lease for Isla Sorna from the Costa Rican government.

1923- Mascom Telecommunications network launches in India. Construction begins on Jurassic Park: San Diego.

1924- Hammond begins funding Alan Grant's research. The first test fertilization of an artificial ovum by InGen transpires successfully. Tatsuo Technology is founded in Tokyo, Japan.

Before 1925- Karen Dearing is born.

1925- InGen moves to be based out of Palo Alto. Hammond hires paleogeneticist Dr. Laura Sorkin. The first successful extraction of genetic material was performed at Benjamin Lockwood's residence. Construction on Jurassic Park: San Diego is halted and indefinitely suspended as Hammond decdes to relocate to Isla Nublar.

Nima Cruz's father, a Bribri awa, is brought by the Costa Rican government to speak to InGen about Isla Nublar so that the government can ask for a higher price from InGen. Isla Nublar is then leased from the Costa Rican government, becoming a part of the 99-year lease InGen already has for Las Cinco Muertes.

InGen offers to relocate the native peoples along with providing education and medical care and assistance. Oscar Morales participates in removing the remaining Tun-Si from Isla Nublar. The displaced locals are promised education, medicine, and housing by InGen and the Costa Rican government, but both benefactors fail to provide these services adequately. Jess Harding sneaks into the tiger exhibit at the San Diego Zoo where her father works.

Between 1925-1926- Claire Dearing is born.

1926- The first dinosaur, a Triceratops, is artificially revived on InGen's facilities on Isla Sorna (designated Site B). InGen hires geneticist Dr. Henry Wu, a recent MIT graduate. Wu is eventually able to prove that splicing the ancient DNA with that of modern animals can create viable embryos at a much faster rate than Dr. Sorkin's methods, which required the amassing of large amounts of amber to reconstruct complete genomes.

Wu also creates the lysine contingency plan in the event that animals escape from the island. This method is approved of by InGen, but vehemetly opposed by Dr. Laura Sorkin. Despite her protests, all new InGen employees must agree to uphold the lysine contingency. The successs of Dr. Wu cause him to become favored over Dr. Sorkin. Gerry Harding came to work at InGen some time after the lysine contingency was established.

1927- The last of the Tun-Si are resettled on the Costa Rican mainland.

1928- Construction of Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar begins. Dr. Sorkin is granted her field lab on Isla Nublar in an effort to show she can still be of use by correcting Wu's mistakes as a field scientist. The first mature animals are moved from Isla Sorna to Isla Nublar. The animals are housed in temporary paddocks until the final ones are completed.

On or before May 15- A female Tyrannosaurus rex is hatched on Isla Sorna.

July- Eric Kirby is born in Enid, Oklahoma to Paul and Amanda Kirby.

1930- Isla Nublar's female Tyrannosaurus rex is moved to the island from Site B.

1931- September 20- Dr. Wu discovers that genetic structures in the yellow-banded poison dart frog makes its DNA incompatible with some dinosaur genomes. While it successfully integrates into Dilophosaurus DNA, it failed in Velociraptor embryos 4x, 6x, and 7x, leading to death by karyolysis. This was remedied by Dr. Wu utilizing genes from the common reed frog.

1932- February 13- Henry Wu and Robert Muldoon observe high levels of collective intelligence in Velociraptors.

Sanjay Masrani dies, aged 62. Simon Masrani succeeds his father as head of Masrani Global.

1933- Henry Wu starts researching hybridization of differnt genera. Jess Harding is caught shoplifting. Her mother concedes to let her spend a weekend with her father on Isla Nublar in the hopes that he can change her behavior.

A Velociraptor (nicknamed "The Big One") is introduced to the Velociraptor paddock, which already contains seven other animals. This newcomoer attacks and kills all but two of the others. At some point, the Velociraptors breed. The new alpha has her subordinates attack the electric fences when the feeders come, systematically testing the fences for weaknesses. A decision is made to move these raptors to a holding pen for security reasons. Hammond orders a second pack to be delivered to Isla Nublar. A pack of Herrerasaurus are also brought to Isla Nublar from Site B, as a possible alternative.

May 24- An unspecified incident occurs at Jurassic Park's geothermal power plant.

End of May to Early June- Construction continues on Isla Nublar until Jophery Brown, a gatekeeper is killed by a Velociraptor during a transfer to the holding pen. Due to this incident, the Board of Directors demands an inquiry into the stability of the park, including an endorsement tour including chaotician Dr. Ian Malcolm, and paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant. A geologist was also planned to review the geothermal power plant, but Donald Gennaro advises against it.

Species (IG74726f6f646f6e) (Troodon) is to be euthanized, all embryos and DNA shelved, and all records of its existence eliminated, regardless of Dr. Sorkin's protests, as the species is dangerous and has no tourism appeal. Dr. Sorkin is under review, pending possible reassignment to Site B's population and research development.

Access to geothermal power plant control systems is to be restricted to trained personnel; the site is to be monitored for new magma vents as per Hammond's insistence.

The Bone Shaker rollercoaster, while 90% complete, is scheduled for Phase II opening. Robert Muldoon's concerns about proximity to the Herrerasaurus and Velociraptor paddocks are taken into account, but security measures currently in place are deemed sufficient.

The marine facility is scheduled for Phase II opening; marketing and public relations campaigns are ready for approval, marine biologists have been hired, and new safety protocols are in place. The star attraction of the facility is a Tylosaurus.

Beginning of June- Donald Gennaro is meant to meet John Hammond at the Mano de Dios amber mine in the Dominican Republic, but as Hammond's daughter is going through divorce proceedings, Hammond does not show. Instead, Gennaro meets the mine's proprietor, Juanito Rostagno, to discuss the endorsement tour. Hammond has agreed to take his grandchildren to the island for the weekend to keep them away from the divorce proceedings.

June 7- John Hammond arrives in the Montana badlands to meet with Dr. Alan Grant. While there, he also meets paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler and invites her along as well, despite her not being on the list of invited experts. They agree to visit the island when he promises to continue funding their digs for a further three years.

June 8- Lewis Dodgson meets with disgruntled InGen programmer Dennis Nedry in San José, Costa Rica. Nedry has agreed to help Dodgson obtain stolen dinosaur embryos in exchange for $65,000 up front and a further $4,500 for each viable embryo.

June 11- Morning- Endorsement team arrives at Isla Nublar.
Noon- Endorsement team has lunch in the VIP Dining Room. Timothy "Tim" Murphy and Alexis "Lex" Murphy, arrive on the island.
7:00 PM- Storm evacuation. All non-essential staff leave the island with the boat.
Shortly afterwards, power is shut down by Dennis Nedry. The endorsement team is attacked by the Tyrannosaurus rex. Dennis Nedry is killed by a Dilophosaurus.
Between 7:00 PM and early morning June 12- Nima Cruz and Miles Chadwick arrive on Isla Nublar after Dennis Nedry fails to arrive at the Biosyn hand over. At the same time, authorities search for Dennis Nedry in San Diego. John Raymond Arnold attempts to restore power and is killed by a Velociraptor. Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Robert Muldoon, and Ellie Sattler retreat to an emergency bunker.

June 12- Dawn- Ellie restores power. The Velociraptors in the security pen escape. Tim is electrocuted by the fences (he survives). Robert Muldoon is killed by Velociraptors.

Morning- Ellie, Grant, Tim, and Lex reunite. Velociraptors attack Tim and Lex in the kitchen; one is locked in a freezer. The remaining Velociraptors are killed by the Tyrannosaurus rex. The endorsement team leaves Isla Nublar; as they fly away, Gerry Harding calls for help from the Visitor Center and InGen sends a rescue team while Nima kidnaps the Hardings.

Afternoon- The mercenaries arrive and Baltimore Team is gunned down by Vargas who is envenomated by Troodons. Vargas is killed by Troodons. Amsterdam Team finds Nima and the Hardings. Daniel "D-Caf" Cafaro goes missing, leaving the helicopter unmanned.

Between Afternoon and Evening- David Banks walks too close to the Troodons in the quarantine pens and is killed.

Evening- Laura Sorkin adds lysine supplement to the water supply to reverse the lysine contingency. The Isla Nublar Field Lab is attacked by the Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptors. Survivors escape into the tunnels.

Night- Survivors reach the Marine Facility. Laura Sorkin is killed by the Tylosaurus that she unleashed.

June 13- Morning- Billy Yoder attempts to kill Gerry, Nima and Jess and flees the Marine Facility, leaving them to die. The Hardings and Nima swim out of the Marine Facility and reach the North Dock, which is attacked by the Tyrannosaurus rex. Billy Yoder is killed and the thermos crushed by the Tyrannosaurus rex. The Hardings and Nima leave Isla Nublar.

After June 13th- The incident at Isla Nublar starts the downward tailspin of InGen. Sarah Harding ventures to see Ian Malcolm in Costa Rica to see if the rumors of resurrected dinosaurs were true.

InGen braces for Hurricane Clarissa, and proceeds to evacuate and close down operations on Site B later in 1933. During the evacuation, DNA samples of most species are recovered, but all Proceratosaurus DNA is lost. Ideas for re-establishing a theme park are lost by what Hammond considers “an act of God” shortly after.

The deaths of Donald Gennaro, Robert Muldoon, and John Arnold, despite being covered up by InGen, result in lawsuits from the victims' families which push InGen toward bankruptcy.

1933-1937- Hammond turns from capitalist to naturalist within these four years, and eventually he falls ill and is bedridden by 1937.

1934- May 12- Henry Wu has been shown evidence of the lysine contingency failing as well as nests where dinosaurs have bred. He suspects that common reed frog DNA may be to blame.

May 22- Last known remaining activity of research on Isla Sorna.

October 5- InGen publishes a report of dinosaur populations remaining on Isla Nublar, documenting proof that the Velociraptors have bred and that the lysine contingency failed to kill the remaining dinosaurs. They also discover that Compsognathus have established on Isla Nublar, likly having stowed away on ships while Jurassic Park was under construction.

November- Henry Wu returns to Isla Nublar to assist the clean-up teams in cataloging the animals and to determine how they were breeding. He discovers that the DNA from the common reed frog, which he had used to fill gene sequence gaps in dinosaurian DNA, included genes that allowed sequential hermaphroditism as a response to life in a single-sex environment. All DNA samples on Isla Nublar are lost to sabotage, and temperature and water exposure.

1935- Dr. Henry Wu releases his book, The Next Step: An Evolution of God’s Concepts. This book details his ambition for creating brand new species.

Ian Malcolm publicly breaks his nondisclosure agreement during a newspaper interview about the 1933 incident. InGen representative Peter Ludlow begins a smear campaign against Malcolm, discrediting him in the eyes of many. The Costa Rican government, attempting to preserve their reputation as a tourist paradise, publishes a comment: “John Hammond and InGen’s work is filed under genetic research for an ecological preserve. There is no evidence or credibility to far-fetched claims of living dinosaurs.” Jurassic Park is dismissed as a hoax and Malcolm a fraud. He eventually loses his tenure at the university he works at for “allegedly” receiving money to spread rumors of dinosaurs, although he denied ever accepting any. Peter Ludlow was behind the smear campaign led against Ian Malcolm, including getting the Washington Post and the New York Evening Inquirer to publish articles harshly ridiculing Malcolm's claims that InGen has recreated dinosaurs.

1936- Founding of Masrani Oil Industries in Abu Dhabi. Data Analysys is founded in Johannesburg, Union of South Africa.

December 7- InGen publishes an updated form of its asset catalogue, including dinosaur information. Population estimates are based off of the October 5, 1934 survey. The report has certain parts censored for security, including an investigation report on the loss of DNA samples.

Late December- A British family on a yacht cruise stumbles upon InGen’s Site B. The family's young daughter, Cathy Bowman is injured severely by a pack of Compsognathus. She recovers in a hospital, but the Bowmans sue InGen following the incident.

1937- On Isla Sorna, this season's juvenile dinosaurs begin to hatch, including a Tyrannosaurus.

May- Sarah Harding meets with John Hammond, who is anticipating that InGen will soon depose him and pillage Site B for its dinosaurs. He sends Harding to Isla Sorna to document the dinosaurs in the wild, hoping to sway public opinion in favor of protecting the dinosaurs. Hammond also contacts documentarian Nick Van Owen and field equipment specialist Eddie Carr for the mission, and hopes that he can convince Ian Malcolm into joining them. Meanwhile, Peter Ludlow plans his own expedition, hiring paleontologist Dr. Robert Burke, big game hunter Roland Tembo, his partner Ajay Sidhu, and Roland's associate Dieter Stark.

May 21- Henry Wu and his research team at InGen create the hybrid flowering plant Karacosis wutansis (Wu Flower), which they present to the Genetics Society of America. This accomplishment gains international media attention and sparks Simon Masrani’s interest in acquiring InGen.

May 23- At this point, Peter Ludlow has become CEO of InGen. John Hammond calls Dr. Malcolm to his residence and briefs him on the plan to document the dinosaurs and garner public support. Hammond's team assembles within three hours and makes for Isla Sorna. At the same time, Malcolm's daughter Kelly, stows away on board the mobile lab. Ludlow's team embarks later that day, taking the SS Venture.

Hammond's team arrives at Isla Sorna. Ludlow's team arrives in the afternoon.

Night- Nick Van Owen and Sarah Harding sabotage the InGen hunter's camp. The "Gatherers'" Mobile Lab RV is attacked by a pair of Tyrannosaurus rex. Eddie Carr is killed in an attempt to rescue his teammates. Later, the InGen hunters rescue the survivors. The two groups team up and walk inland.

May 24- Survivors walk to the cliff. Dieter Stark wanders and is killed by Compsognathus. Discovering his absence, Roland Tembo, Dieter's partner Carter, and another hunter head out to locate him.

Night- After discovering Dieter's remains, Roland, Carter, and the hunter scout the cliffs overlooking Site B's worker village. Upon returning to camp, the survivors are again attacked by the Tyrannosaurs. Carter and Robert Burke are killed by the Tyrannosaur Doe. The Tyrannosaur Buck is tranquilized by Roland Tembo. Ajay Sidhu and the surviving hunters are killed by Velociraptors. Ian, Nick, Sarah, and Kelly reach the Worker Village and call for extraction.

May 25- Early Morning- The San Diego Incident takes place.

End of May-December 1937- The 75th United States Congress begins reviewing the Ethical Negligence within Paleo-Genetic Resurrection Bill (ENPGR), which would extend endangered species rights to de-extinct animals, restrict access to the islands where these species live, and prohibit further de-extinction practices. John Hammond and InGen work on this bill as well.

A bidding war for InGen begins, with the primary bidders being Masrani Global Corporation and Tatsuo Technology. John Hammond passes away, aged 84. According to Simon Masrani, Hammond's dying wish was for Masrani to take InGen and restore it. The ENPGR Bill, better known as the Gene Guard Act, passes.

1938- January 10- Simon Masrani plans a meeting with an undisclosed person for the 20th regarding "the next ten years". Charlie Degler is born to Ellie Degler née Sattler who has since married Mark Degler.

Masrani Global officially acquires InGen. Wind power trials for Masrani Oil are successful, and the division begins using wind power. Within one hundred days of InGen's merger into Masrani Global, InGen illegally restarts operations on Isla Sorna. It is not known if Simon Masrani was aware of this. Only a select few InGen members were involved, whose names were stricken from the record. Over a period of nine months, animals were illegally bred on the island, including new species such as Ankylosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Corythosaurus, and Spinosaurus. These animals were experimented on during these nine months, and incubation was accomplished rapidly to avoid detection. The research and growth of these animals were filed under "Early R&D for Jurassic Park's second incarnation" and simultaneously "Amalgam Testing". Jurassic World conceptual planning begins, with Masrani drawing experts from all over the company.

1939- InGen wraps up its illegal research and development and abandons their creations on Isla Sorna to fend for themselves. The League of Nations grants limited access to Isla Sorna to Masrani Global. Simon Masrani witnesses a newborn Parasaurolophus and is personally affected by it positively. Zach Mitchell is born to Karen and Scott Mitchell.

October 23- Simon Masrani settles on the name "Jurassic World" for his new park.

1940- Axis Boulder Engineering is founded by Masrani Global Corporation in Dubai.

April 1- Masrani Global Corporation makes its New York Stock Exchange market debut.

August 25- InGen researchers Bridges and Curtis of the Texas field laboratory use a prototype iron analyzer to confirm that viable DNA can be obtained from a Mosasaurus fossil.

December- Henry Wu is promoted to lead genetic biologist at InGen. Wu is brought into the Jurassic World project.

1941- Stock in Masrani Oil has risen tenfold since its 1936 establishment. The Deglers have had a second child.

On or before May 15- A female Ankylosaurus is hatched by Masrani Global Corporation.

May 23- While vacationing in Costa Rica with his mother and her boyfriend Ben Hildebrand, Eric Kirby and Ben make a trip to Isla Sorna. Ben Hildebrand, Enrique Cordoso, and his driver are killed by a Spinosaurus. Eric is stranded on Isla Sorna.

July 16- Dr. Alan Grant speaks at a university.

July 17- Udesky, Cooper, and M.B. Nash perform weapons tests at an airplane boneyard. Grant and Billy meet Paul and Amanda Kirby. Grant and Billy are later paid to serve as guides on a plane tour of Isla Sorna.

July 18- Early Afternoon- The plane lands on Isla Sorna. Cooper is killed by a Spinosaurus, causing the plane to crash land. Nash is killed by the Spinosaurus. Billy steals Velociraptor eggs. Udesky is killed by Velociraptors. Grant is seperated from the others after being pursued by the Velociraptors. Grant is rescued by Eric Kirby. They are later re-united with the others, but Billy is later killed by Pteranodons.

Night- The group is once again attacked by the Spinosaurus who is chased off by an oil fire.

July 19- Morning- The Velociraptors surround the survivors. Amanda Kirby gives the eggs to the alpha male and female, who take off with the rest of their pack after hearing planes. The U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines rescue Grant and the Kirbys.

InGen bribes government officials to bury certain parts of the survivors' testimonies to avoid the illegal 1938-1939 operation being accidentally revealed to the public. The loose Pteranodons that escaped from the aviary on Isla Sorna are sighted over Canada. American security contractor Vic Hoskins is hired to clean up the reptiles. Following his success, he is hired as the new head of InGen Security.

1942- A press conference with Simon Masrani abruptly reveals plans for Jurassic World, with an opening day scheduled for 1944. Promotional art for the Main Street area is shown. Timack Construction is established in San José, Costa Rica specifically for construction of Jurassic World.

Early April- InGen Security lands on Isla Nublar and begins rounding up dinosaurs.

April 19- InGen Security recaptures the island's Tyrannosaurus rex.

Jurassic World construction begins on Isla Nublar. Axis Boulder Engineering and Timack Construction are contracted for preparation and planning prior to construction. Construction materials cost $109 million.

October 6- Timack Construction surveys the island's central valley.

1943- February 23- Henry Wu and his colleages discover why their dinosaurs cannot grow feathers. The culprit is a null allele; it was caused by the long-term manipulation of DNA in the animals and the inclusion of DNA from non-dinosaurian species.

March- A representative of Masrani Global Corporation (whose name has been omitted from all records) makes a case for watering down the Gene Guard Act. Specificially, the prohibition of cloning and genetically engineering new species is asked to be removed in order to allow further medical research that would benefit humans, dinosaurs, and other animals. Congress allows the rollback of restrictions, but key members were bribed by InGen to arrive at this decision.

Following the Gene Guard Act's revision by Congress, InGen, under Masrani Corporation, is able to develop new gene splicing techniques and begin creating new species for Jurassic World. Simon Masrani announces that Jurassic World will open in 1945. Medixal Health is established in New York City, New York.

1944- Scientists report a mysterious and alarming drop in dinosaur populations on Isla Sorna. Speculation on the cause includes territorial disputes, disease, or behavior patterns. Masrani Oil begins obtaining hydroelectric dams throughout the United States. Masrani Oil begins drilling for natural gas.

June 8- James McClure of Mascom isolates an anomaly in the Jurassic World system, declaring that it is now watertight; he has Vic Hoskins check it over one more time.

Jurassic World's construction is complete. Masrani Global Corporation ships the surviving animals from Isla Sorna to Isla Nublar. The corporation is credited with saving the dinosaurs from death by ecological collapse. Gray Mitchell is born to Karen and Scott Mitchell.

1945- May 30- Jurassic World formally opens on Isla Nublar to 98,120 visitors in its first month. Masrani Global Corporation signs an agreement with the Costa Rican Environmental Protection Society to protect the indigenous wildlife of Isla Nublar. Masrani thanks his employees for their effort in making it a success.

1947- Suborbital Dynamix is founded in Toulouse, France. InGen Security, Masom, and Suborbital Dynamix collaborate to develop rocket technology.
On or before May 15- A female Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus hatch on Isla Nublar. A female Mosasaurus has been bred for the Jurassic World lagoon.

1948- April 4- Simon Masrani has a board meeting. The board unanimously decides that it wants a new attraction to impress investors, and Masrani authorizes Henry Wu to create whatever it takes to accomplish this. Last time Claire sees Zach and Gray until 1955. Due to the Costa Rican Civil War, Jurassic World's mainland ferry system is temporarily relocated in Nicaragua.

1949- On or before May 15- A female Genyodectes hatches on Isla Nublar.

June 6- Simon Masrani states that he believes Henry Wu has an answer to where genetic science will go next.

1950- On or before May 15- A female Apatosaurus and Baryonyx hatch on Isla Nublar.

1951- Tatsuo Technology is acquired by Masrani Global.

On or before May 15- A female Stegoceras, nicknamed "Steggy", hatches on Isla Nublar.

1952- An InGen facility called Martel comes under construction in Alaska in order to extract DNA from animal remains in the permafrost dated at 20,000 to 40,000 years ago. The Mascom Tanius 6J telephone releases. The I.B.R.I.S. (Integrated Behavioral Raptor Intelligence Study) Project begins development under Hoskins' guidance. Owen Grady is chosen to heady this study. Subjects selected for the project are generally found to be too aggressive and unpredictable however, and so new specimens must be bred for it. Shortly afterwards, all original Velociraptor specimens are terminated.

On or before May 15- Blue the Velociraptor, and her sisters Dog, Easy, and Charlie hatch. A female Pteranodon hatches on Isla Nublar.

Two Indominus rex hatch in the Hammond Creation Lab.

1953- Masrani Oil is commissioned to build the Cerberus Array, a set of wind turbines, off the coast of the United Kingdom. The array powers 450 megawatts of electricity from 120 turbines.

May 17- Owen Grady recognizes that the Velociraptor pack dynamic is more complicated than originally assumed. He requests that his old friend, Barry, be invited to join the project. Barry soon arrives from France to Isla Nublar.

1954- On or before May 15- A female Ornithomimus and Centrosaurus hatch on Isla Nublar.

Masrani Oil begins development of three-bladed wind turbines with a projected completion in 1956. Masrani Global is also commissioned to build wind turbines in the Union of South Africa, the Philippines, and Southwest Australia. Suborbital Dynamix collaborates with them on this $5.5 million project.

August- A hurricane in the East Pacific severely damages Masrani Oil's Platform L-12. Oil production is halted for a year.

October- Repairs begin on Platform L-12. The full repair will cost $1.4 million.

November 15- Martel is finally completed. It consists of a rotating crew of nine scientists and 45 excavation crew. The project is intended to last 18 months.

InventiCon 1954 is held. At this event, Masrani Global Corporation unveils the XL25 wind turbine by Suborbital Dynamix, and the support this garners allows the project to move into Phase II.

December 24- Simon Masrani is booked for the next six months and will be unable to see the Indominus rex until afterward. He currently estimates May or early June.

1955- January- Simon Masrani announces a $25 million boost to InGen funding, which will be distributed across the course of the next three years. Much of this will go to InGen Security. He also publicly reveals the Indominus rex.

January 10- Vic Hoskins advises InGen Security that Mascom will be installing sensors in the north of Isla Nublar beyond the restricted area on January 30.

January 30- Mascom engineers install scanning devices across northern Isla Nublar.

March- Masrani Oil and InGen enter talks about retrieving genetic material from a peat bog rich in carbon and iron in the Trucial States, dated to the late Cretaceous through the mid-Miocene. Henry Wu writes in a scientific journal that InGen's genetic database could be used to help Medixal Health with disease research. InventiCon 1955 takes place. Masrani Global Corporation has a larger presence this year, as Simon Masrani himself appears to demonstrate personal computing technology. The Mascom Tanius 7 telephone is unveiled.

April- Masrani Oil is rebranded as "Masrani Energy" to reflect its trend toward sustainable technology.

Karen Mitchell and Scott Mitchell begin their divorce proceedings. They do not tell their children, but Gray discovers it by reading the mail and searching the phonebook for the names of the lawyers contacting the Mitchell parents.

May- Intended date for completion of the Indominus paddock.

July- Intended date for the opening of the Indominus rex exhibit. By this time, the older of the two animals had cannibalized the younger. Due to the creature growing larger than expected, her exhibition was delayed until January of next year and the holding paddock had to be expanded. The animal also began to anticipate where her food would be delivered and almost tore off a worker's arm during feeding time; Claire made the executive decision to feed it by crane instead to avoid similar incidents.

Zia Rodriguez studied pre-veterinary medicine at the University of California at Berkeley, intending to become a paleoveterinarian for Jurassic World.

December 18th- Early afternoon- Zach and Gray Mitchell arrive at Isla Nublar. Owen Grady saves Leon from the Velociraptor pack. Zach and Mitchell sneak off through the park. Owen and Claire survey the Indominus paddock. The Indominus rex escapes, killing workers Ellis and Nick. Two ACU teams led by Katashi Hamada and Austin set out to capture the Indominus rex. They are subsequently wiped out, leaving only Austin, Meyers, and a third ACU trooper to survive the attack.

Afternoon- Claire orders all attractions north of the resort to close. Claire asks Owen to assist her in finding her nephews. While aboard a Gyrosphere, Zach and Gray are attacked by the Indominus rex. They manage to escape, and stumble upon the ruins of Jurassic Park's Visitor's Center. Hoskins' team arrives at Isla Nublar, on standby. Hoskins attempts to convince Masrani to use the Velociraptors to hunt down the Indominus rex. Masrani refuses, and accompanies two ACU troopers aboard a helicopter to hunt down the Indominus.

Late Afternoon- Owen and Claire are attacked by the Indominus at the Visitor Center ruins. The Indominus makes her way towards the Jurassic World Aviary, where helicopter JW001 tries to shoot her. The Indominus smashes through the Aviary, scaring the resident Pteranodons and Dimorphodons who escape through the breach. Several Pteranodons attack JW001, causing it to crash, killing Simon Masrani. The Pterosaurs make their way towards Main Street, attacking the guests who have amassed there. Owen, Claire, ACU, and Jurassic World park rangers storm Main Street, in an attempt to stop the Pterosaurs. Zara Young is attacked by Pteranodons, and subsequently devoured by the Mosasaurus. Zach and Gray reunite with Claire and Owen. Jurassic World begins evacuation procedures of the guests.

Night- Hoskins' team preps the Velociraptors. Hoskins coerces Owen into joining them. Owen, Barry, and several InGen Security operatives head off into the jungle. After locating the Indominus rex, they discover that she is able to communicate with the Velociraptors. After a brief shootout, the Indominus escapes, as do the Velociraptors. While trekking through the jungle, the group is ambushed by Velociraptors, killing several InGen operatives. Owen and Barry survive, while Charlie is blown up by an InGen Security operative. The remaining Velociraptors make their way back to their paddock, and chase Claire and her nephews. Claire regroups with Owen, and they proceed to the Innovation Center.

December 19- Early Morning- Jurassic World orders all employees to start evacuating. Henry Wu, prepares his lab to go on standby. Henry Wu and several InGen operatives evacuate Isla Nublar in secret. Claire, Owen, Zach, and Gray discover Henry Wu's secret lab. Hoskins reveals that the Indominus was in fact, a military weapon. Dog the Velociraptor kills Hoskins. Claire, Owen, Zach, and Gray flee the Innovation Center, and are surrounded by the Velociraptors. Owen reestablishes his alpha status with the pack, and when the Indominus rex arrives, gives the signal for them to attack. Dog and Easy are killed. Claire and Lowery Cruthers release the Tyrannosaurus rex. Together, the Tyrannosaurus rex and Blue attack the Indominus, forcing it back towards the lagoon where the Mosasaurus snatches the Indominus, killing it. Lowery shuts down the control room.

December 19th- Late morning- A hospital is set up in a hangar in Costa Rica to aid the injured. U.S. soldiers are deployed to provide security.

Late December- Masrani Global COO Richard Weisner sends an urgent memo throughout the corporation as he and the other remaining leaders attempt damage control after the incident. An emergency board meeting is held.

Claire Dearing speaks at a pubic testimonial regarding the incident at Jurassic World. She acknowledges that fallout from the disaster will spark outrage, but that this anger should not be directed at the animals. She speaks out against attempts at weaponizing the dinosaurs as InGen Security attempted. Henry Wu and InGen are under investigation for bioethical misconduct, but as Henry Wu is nowhere to be found, he cannot represent himself. During the trial, a paper trail is uncovered leading to the discovery of corruption in the 1953 rollback of the Gene Guard Act regulations. It is discovered that higher-up InGen members bribed the officials behind the rollback.

An anonymous source under the name "Jurassic" leaks documents pertaining to the illegal creation of species prior to the rollback, finally revealing the real reason behind the ecological collapse on Isla Sorna in the early 1940s. Many of the responsible members of Masrani Global who engaged in corrupt practices are tracked down and arrested.

1956- March- The United States Congress opens up inquiries into bioethical misconduct performed by InGen and Dr. Henry Wu. Congress also opens up an inquiry as to the possible violation of the Gene Guard Act. Some employees of Masrani Global Corporation step forward to present proof of corrupt practices.

A mercenary team hired by Eli Mills travels to Isla Nublar to retrieve Indominus rex DNA. The team is attacked by the Tyrannosaurus rex and Mosasaurus, though the expedition is a success. The Mosasaurus escapes into the open ocean.

1957- February- A shift in the Cocos Plate opens fissures underneath Isla Nublar, causing Mount Sibo to become active for the first time since 1525. Plant life and other biological matter begin to combust in the region near the mountain as the temperature rises. The International Association of Volcanology reports that there is no threat to the island. The volcanic status level (VSL) of Mount Sibo currently is set at Magnitude 1.

March- Claire Dearing founds the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG) in San Francisco's Mission District. Around thirty volunteers have already joined, including Zia Rodriguez and former Jurassic World computer engineer Franklin Webb. Marches have been organized and Claire has contacted Congress in support of dinosaur rights. One of the marches takes place outside Masrani Global offices, demanding that action be taken to provide veterinary services to Isla Nublar; corporate officials state that they lack the resources.

May- The Martel excavation concludes.

June- Mount Sibo's VSL is set to Magnitude 2.

September- A helicopter flies illegally over Isla Nublar, approaching Mount Sibo. The passengers witness lava actively rolling within the mountain's crater and report it to the authorities. The Internatonal Association of Volcanology appoints Sigurdur Thorarinsson to investigate. He determines that Mount Sibo is becoming more active. He states that under Mount Sibo, are high-pressure magma chambers, that have been previously unknown. If the chambers were to be breached, a catastrophic eruption could occur, burning the entire island. The DPG begins planning an operation to evacuate the dinosaurs to safety.

October 5- Mount Sibo's VSL is set to Magnitude 3.

December 8- The DPG magazine is first published.

December 21- Claire Dearing sends a letter to the DPG's followers, inviting them to support the cause further. The Costa Rican Biological Preserve and local lifeguards are already willing to volunteer for the mission.

1958- January- The Costa Rican government pulls all remaining research teams and technology from the area near Isla Nublar as the eruption appears to be getting closer. It is predicted to occur on June 22 based on current data. Masrani Global has still made no effort to assist.

February 4- The DPG magazine is updated with content written by Claire Dearing, Franklin Webb, and Zia Rodriguez. Franklin Webb adds additional informaton, using it to further spread public awareness of the danger posed to Isla Nublar. By this time, dozens of dinosaur species have become extinct on the island, including Metriacanthosaurus and Edmontosaurus.

February 8- The DPG has fully moved into the Mission District headquarters.

February 23- Zia Rodriguez publishes an article in the DPG magazine, covering the history of the Gene Guard Act.

March 5- The National Science Observer publishes an article in favor of Claire Dearing as an extinct-animal-rights activist. It is shared by the DPG.

March 22- Zia Rodriguez and Franklin Webb introduce themselves to the DPG’s followers in a new article.

March 26- The DPG’s Juliette C. publishes an article covering the history of Masrani Global Corporation, including the resignation of six board members over the past year (two of whom were indirectly responsible for the creation of the Indominus rex).

April 18: Increased activity is reported in and around Mount Sibo.

May 15: The DPG creates an “Adopt a Dinosaur” page in its magazine to promote awareness and gather support. Planned date for the replacement of Masrani Energy’s Platform L-12 with a newly invented semisubmersible platform.

June 1- Zia Rodriguez publishes an article in the DPG magazine, “The Importance of Paleo-Vets.”

June 5: Klayton S. publishes an article in the DPG magazine, “Saving the Carnivores of Isla Nublar.”

June 6: The DPG magazine introduces a Kids section.

June 9: The "Extinction Now!" organization is founded. On the same day, the DPG released a televised statement debunking some of the beliefs against saving the dinosaurs; the creation of Extinction Now! immediately afterward is likely not a coincidence. The DPG thanks its contributors for their help, which leads to the first public confrontation between the DPG and Extinction Now! in televised debates.

June 10: Increased activity is reported in and around Mount Sibo.

June 11: Ross S. writes an article in the DPG magazine, “Investigation: The Old Park.” It finally discloses details to the public about the 1933 incident which had been hidden or skewed by InGen.

June 22- U.S. Congress declares that it has no legal right to support an expedition to Isla Nublar. Eli Mills contacts Claire Dearing, and together with Benjamin Lockwood, fully funds the covert rescue operation. Shortly afterward, Eli Mills contracts Ken Wheatley and several mercenaries who travel to Nublar via the Arcadia. Claire meets with Owen to convince him to join the expedition to Isla Nublar. Claire sends out a DPG newsletter, entitled “New Developments…”, following her meeting with Benjamin Lockwood.

June 23- Eli Mills meets with Gunnar Eversoll who threatens to cancel a planned auction of the dinosaurs if the animals do not arrive. Maisie discovers Eli Mill's plan and subsequently tells Benjamn Lockwood. The Dinosaur Protection Group arrives at Isla Nublar. 15 species total are captured, however Blue is critically wounded in the capture attempt. Wheatley betrays Claire, Owen, and Franklin, leaving them for dead. Mt. Sibo erupts. Claire, Owen, and Franklin stowaway on the Arcadia which is en route to Northern California. Owen and Claire use the Tyrannosaurus rex's blood in a transfusion to save Blue's life.

June 24- The dinosaurs arrive at Lockwood Estate. Eli Mills murders Benjamin Lockwood. Claire Dearing and Owen Grady are captured and imprisoned by Wheatley. Eversoll and Mills begin auctioning off the dinosaurs. Maisie discovers her grandfather has died. Owen and Claire with the help of "Steggy", a Stegoceras, escape their cell. Together they disrupt the auction, with Steggy chasing off the buyers. Owen and Claire discover Maisie. Wheatley comes upon the Indoraptor in its cage and tranquilizes it. Wheatley enters its cage, attempting to pull a tooth to add to his collection. However, the Indoraptor is still concious and kills Wheatley. The Indoraptor escapes, killing Gunnar Eversoll, and three dinosaur buyers. The Indoraptor begins chasing after Owen, Claire, and Maisie throughout the mansion. Zia and Franklin rescue Blue. Henry Wu is tranquilized by Franklin, and Wu is taken to safety by mercenaries. The ensuing fight between Blue and two mercenaries triggers a hydrogen cyanide leak. Zia and Franklin attempt to stop the leak to save the captured dinosaurs. Blue attacks the Indoraptor on the roof above the mansion's museum, sending the two plummeting. The Indoraptor is killed after impaling itself on a Triceratops skull. Claire and Owen rendezvous with Zia and Franklin. While Claire decides to not rescue the dinosaurs, Maisie releases them, enabling them to escape the mansion. In the ensuing stampede, two mercenaries are killed, and Eli Mills is killed by the Tyrannosaurus. The Indominus rex bone is subsequently destroyed.

June 24- Claire, Owen, and Maisie witness a flock of Pteranodons while driving towards an unknown destination. Ian Malcolm, makes a second statement in Congress that the world now needs to prepare to co-exist with dinosaurs. The dinosaurs that had been sold arrive to their respective destinations. The Mosasaurus attacks surfers along a beach. The Tyrannosaurus breaks into a zoo. Blue comes upon a desert town. The Pteranodon flock make their way to Las Vegas, Nevada.

September 9- Planned date for supporters of the Defend Isla Nublar Organization (DINO), a sister group of the DPG, to meet at the DPG’s Mission District headquarters for transport to Washington, D.C.

September 10: Planned date for a march on Capitol Hill carried out by DINO and the DPG to attempt to gain support from the US government to save Isla Nublar. The march would start at 6:00 AM on the corner of 12th Street SW.

1961- Circa June 11- Events of Jurassic Park VI take place.

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The Malone Society
The Malone Society

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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics   Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics Icon_minitimeSat Mar 03, 2018 4:34 pm

Does this mean we can expect a fifth part of your Jurassic Park Retro-Series?
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics   Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics Icon_minitimeSun Mar 04, 2018 9:23 pm

The Malone Society wrote:
Does this mean we can expect a fifth part of your Jurassic Park Retro-Series?

Yes, as well as the sixth film when it comes out.
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The Malone Society
The Malone Society

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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics   Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics Icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2018 12:21 am

Updated my timeline, using the Jurassic Pedia for inspiration.

Changes were added to accurately reflect dates and events that take place in my fanfic series. (Ex. Billy Brennan in my Jurassic Park III fanfic is killed by the Pteranodons. In 1948, the Jurassic World ferry system was temporarily relocated to Nicaragua due to the Costa Rican Civil War.)

Also of note, for those wondering how the universe in my fanfic operates, here are some basic principles I follow:

* InGen has made a lot of discoveries through its "artifical revivification" process, and thus its research ends up creating a slightly more scientifically and technologically advanced world than our own world from the 1910s-1950s. Hence why in my Jurassic Park III fanfic, the satelline phone is instead, a Masrani-made device with a similar appearance to the SCR-300 radio. And some of the weaponry Jurassic World staff use is basically reformatted weaponry taken from Fallout 3. Same with tranquilizing technology (which in the real world did not exist until the 1960s), which again, InGen and Masrani in my fanfic universe are major players in the technological and scientific world.

I guess you could say that my Retro-Jurassic Park universe is pseudo-dieselpunk, with some B-movie science, and a lot of major inspiration from The Lost World, King Kong, The Valley of Gwangi, (retroactivley) Battlefield 1 (with it utilizing technology and weaponry that were experimental or prototypes but never in mass use in real-life) and the Fallout series (mainly for Jurassic World.).
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Jurassic Park Retro-Series Fanfics
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