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 The holidays thread

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PostSubject: The holidays thread   The holidays thread Icon_minitimeTue Mar 14, 2017 4:27 am

Where do you like to go on holidays? Do you stay in your own country or do you go overseas? I went to Bali with my family for a couple of weeks in March 2015 and while there were some things I liked, there were also things I didn't like (besides the heat).

For a start, you have to make sure you have a good supply of bottled water because you can't drink the tap water. Then there were a couple of times when there was a bit of an issue with food. One of the places we went to was a Safari Park. I took with me a sandwich and some snacks, only to have my bag searched and all my food taken away. So I ended up having to buy lunch from the café. To combat this problem, when we visited the local Water Park, my stepdad told the staff I'm on a special diet.

We stayed in Kuta at a place called "Fat Yogi's". OK, so it's not what you'd call 5-star accommodation, but it's not too bad. The owners are friendly, reasonable food and there's a pool, pay TV and air conditioning. Then there's the animals. The owners have a dog and occasionally you might see a squirrel or a cat. One thing you need to remember to have with you is mozzie spray.

Another thing I liked was the restaurant across the road from the hotel. The food's fantastic (the chicken schnitzel is half the size of the plate!) Whilst we were waiting for our meals, I saw what I thought were birds fluttering in the trees. However, on closer inspection, I noticed they're actually tiny brown Fruit Bats.
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The holidays thread
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