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 The differences between the novel and the movie

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The differences between the novel and the movie Empty
PostSubject: The differences between the novel and the movie   The differences between the novel and the movie Icon_minitimeThu Jul 26, 2018 10:40 pm

All the differences I noticed between the original novel and the movie.

The opening prologue: The opening of the movie shows a park employee getting viciously attacked by a Raptor. the opening scene of the novel has the injured park employee being transported to the mainland for medical support. so the opening prologue from the novel is actually set shortly AFTER the opening scene of the movie.

The scene where Kathy Bowman gets attacked by compies on the beach. This scene originally is in the novel towards the beginning and is set before the events of Isla Nublar, where as in the film franchise this scene is actually the opening of The Lost World, set four years AFTER the events on Isla Nublar.

Alan Grant really likes kids in the novel but in the movie he actually is shown to hate kids.

Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler are a couple in the movie, but in the novel Ellie is already engaged to a doctor. She is only Grant's student in the novel.

Alan Grant's physical appearance in the novel is described as bearded and barrel chested, which is the complete opposite of Sam Neills physical appearance.

In the novel, Tim is older than Lex, where as in the movie, Lex is the older one out of the two.

In the movie there is only 1 T-Rex, in the novel there is actually 2, the adult and a juvenile.

The scene where the characters are at the raptor pen. In the novel the raptors launch a full blown attack at the fences and frighten the hell out of the characters, where as in the movie they basically just watch the raptors kill a cow that's lowered into the pen.

Donald Gennaro's character. two things about Gennaro that are different between the book and movie: firstly the Gennaro we see in the movie is far older than the Gennaro that's in the original novel. secondly, Gennaro gets killed in the movie whereas in the novel, Gennaro actually survives.

Robert Muldoon dies in the movie, but in the novel survives.

John Hammond dies in the novel, but survives in the movie.

Henry Wu dies in the novel, but as far as the film franchise goes, he's STILL alive even to this day.

Ian Malcolm survives in the movie, but "supposedly" dies in the novel. (Michael Crichton found a way to have him survive for his return in The Lost World).

Nedry's meeting with Dodgson actually takes place at the airport, not out in the open at a cafe/restaurant like we see in the movie.

Nedry's death scene is astronomically more violent than how we see him die in the movie.

During the events on Isla Nublar, there are park maintenance workers and scientists all left behind to help clean up the situation after the power goes out, in the movie there's almost no one except the main characters.

Ed Regis is a relatively prominent character in the novel that doesn't even get a mere mention in the movie. (some people think that Ed Regis is the man driving the jeep that Gennaro and Hammond are sitting in before they pull up and see the Brachiosaurus but it doesn't seem to be conclusive).

There's probably far more i could think of too, if i think of any others i'll post them. feel free to leave your differences as well if you know of any. I'm interested to see what you guys have all noticed too!
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The differences between the novel and the movie
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