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 Jurassic Legacy: The InGen Diaries (A FanFiction Series)

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Jurassic Legacy: The InGen Diaries (A FanFiction Series) Empty
PostSubject: Jurassic Legacy: The InGen Diaries (A FanFiction Series)   Jurassic Legacy: The InGen Diaries (A FanFiction Series) Icon_minitimeSat Apr 04, 2020 2:32 am

When I first visited this forum, I was talking about a screenplay I wrote. Well, I finished it and all, but never shared it on here. I don't know why. Starting next week, I'll be revising said screenplay and making it public.

In the meantime, let me present Jurassic Legacy: The InGen Diaries.
Jurassic Legacy: The InGen Diaries (A FanFiction Series) Jurassic+Legacy+-+The+InGen+Diaries

This is a collection of diary entries, memos, and emails from Jurassic Park employees on Isla Nublar before the events of the first film. My goal was to present a lived in mini-universe within Jurassic Park lore.

Jurassic Legacy is the title I'm using for all of my Jurassic Park fanworks, including the screenplay I mentioned last year. The objective of Jurassic Legacy is to fill in the blanks in the Jurassic Park film canon. It may not be 100% on the same level of canon as the films, but I try my best.

As of this post, I have 8 entries. My goal is to have at least 30 entries (of course, I want more than that). I share the entries on FanFiction.net, but I'm thinking of making it a free e-book on Kindle. If I go the Kindle route, I'll make the first fifteen entries available on FanFiction.net and save the rest for the e-book.

Currently, there is no overarching narrative, but I'm going to work on that. It won't be the prominent feature of Jurassic Legacy: The InGen Diaries, as its intention is to bring the average lives involved in building Jurassic Park to light. In the film's canon, BioSyn is barely touched on, so I want to expand their role in that universe as well.

I'm not self-publishing an e-book for money. I want this series to be read and enjoyed, that's it. That's usually the goal of most of my stories; to share and promote conversation.

The fanfiction can be found here: J. Quinzelle's FanFiction

I hope you enjoy what I put much love into and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

J. Quinzelle
"I bring scientists, you bring a rock star."
-John Hammond

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Jurassic Legacy: The InGen Diaries (A FanFiction Series)
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