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 Dilophosaurus "venenifer"

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Dilophosaurus "venenifer" Empty
PostDilophosaurus "venenifer"

Species:  Dilophosaurus "venenifer"

Length: 20ft

Height: 8ft

Location: North America/ China (possibly)

Time Period: Jurassic

Movie: Jurassic Park

Games: Jurassic Park NES Game, Jurassic Park SNES Game, Jurassic Park Interactive, Jurassic Park Arcade Game, Chaos Island: The Lost World, The Lost World: Jurassic Park Arcade Game, Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles, Jurassic Park /// Island Attack, Jurassic Park ///: Park Builder, Jurassic Park ///: The DNA Factor,
Jurassic Park /// Arcade Game, Jurassic Park: Explorer, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis,J urassic Park: The Game

Bio: A carnivorous theropod of the early Jurassic, it's likely that Dilophosaurus had a weak bite-force due to the low musculature surrounding the jaw. Easily spotted by the two crests running along the top of the head that gives the animal it's name ("Dilophosaurus" meaning "duel crested lizard") makes this animal quite distinguished. The upper mandible of Dilophosaurus also possesses a cleft, something that was merely theorized about when Jurassic Park was released but was included in the films' Dilophosaur anatomy anyway, making the film revolutionary in this paleontological aspect (despite the addition of the frill and venomous spit). The cleft likely was what made up for the animals' weak jaws and allowed the animal to capture fish in it's river-riddled world.

Role in Jurassic Park: The Dilophosaurus is the first animal visitors to Jurassic Park would encounter, but remains a no-show for the first guests visiting the Park.

A juvenile animal is later encountered by Dennis Nedry as he makes his way to the Park docks to deliver the stolen embryos to an accomplice. Due to the tropical storm that had struck the island, Nedry was unable to stop his jeep in time to make a turn and crashed through a barrier fence that lined the road inside the Dilophosaur paddock and wedged the rear wheels in between the branches of a fallen tree. In an effort to pull his vehicle free, Nedry ties the Jeeps' winch to a tree. However, a juvenile Dilophosaurus comes across Nedry as he is tying the cable. Surprised but foolishly unafraid due to the animal being so small, Nedry attempts to shoo the Dilophosaurus away by attempting to play "fetch". After the young Dilophosaur refuses to leave, Nedry gives up and returns to his jeep only to slip in the mud on the way. As he turns back to pick himself up, the Dilophosaurus, which has followed Nedry, flares it's frill and spits venom at Nedry, only for it to land on Nedry's chest. Confused and now frightened, Nedry scrambles back to his jeep, but turns around just as he is about to enter the vehicle, allowing the Dilophosaur to shoot Nedry right in the eyes with the venomous spit. Screaming in pain, Nedry wipes the mess away before climbing into the jeep, only to find the Dilophosaurus has entered the vehicle while Nedry was wiping his eyes. The animal attacks Nedry and then gorges itself on the large man's corpse.

The animal is never physically seen in the films again, however it is known to be surviving on Isla Sorna due to the animal's territory appearing on the infrared scans of the island taken by InGen.

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Dilophosaurus "venenifer"

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