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 My new dinosaur story, "Kimmeridgean"

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My new dinosaur story, "Kimmeridgean" Empty
PostSubject: My new dinosaur story, "Kimmeridgean"   My new dinosaur story, "Kimmeridgean" Icon_minitimeMon Nov 13, 2017 1:44 am

I've just started writing a new dinosaur story. It's called "Kimmeridgean" because it's set in the Kimmeridgean stage of the late Jurassic. This story follows a year in the life of Travion, a male Stegosaurus, and this is how it starts:

Chapter 1: Allosaur Attack!

   The sun shines warm and bright in the late Jurassic sky. Travion looks up to see a great pair of open jaws descending upon him. His tail, armed with two pairs of sharp spikes, swings dangerously from side to side. The hungry Allosaur pauses for a moment, then lunges forward.

   Whack! The Allosaur stumbles backwards, her leg bleeding from a deep cut. She cautiously lowers her foot to the ground, testing her injured limb to see if it will take her weight. For the moment, it does.
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My new dinosaur story, "Kimmeridgean" Empty
PostSubject: Re: My new dinosaur story, "Kimmeridgean"   My new dinosaur story, "Kimmeridgean" Icon_minitimeMon Nov 13, 2017 9:34 pm

Cool! I look forward to reading more. Smile

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My new dinosaur story, "Kimmeridgean"
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